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Are You a Real Iced Tea Lover?

Email sent: Feb 13, 2020 3:01pm

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Quiz: Are You a Real
Iced Tea Lover?
If you’ve been drinking iced tea since you were a tot, you’ll know these truths only tea lovers do 😍 

1. Always tea over soda or coffee.
Tea lovers consume more iced tea than soft drinks, lattes, or even water. We can’t blame you; there’s something magic about iced tea.

2. Not just any tea… Sweet Tea.
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Especially if you’re from the south, you’ll know the only kind of tea is sweet tea. Add a stir of sugar and flavors like lemon and peach and you’ve won the heart of a true tea lover.

3. You trust other tea lovers.
When you meet another iced tea lover, you’ve found an instant friend. With a nod, you both understand.

4. Never forget thank yous, yes ma’ams, and yes sirs.
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Tea lovers have manners. If you’re a true iced tea drinker you accept your tea with a polite “yes, ma’am,” “yes, sir,” and follow up with a heartfelt “thank you” before enjoying.

5. You know Tea + BBQ = <3
Iced tea is made for certain meals. It’s an unspoken rule among tea lovers. Flavors like raspberry, peach, and lemon iced tea are heavenly with chicken biscuits and BBQ.

6. Love both iced tea mix & ready-to-drink.
There is a perfect ratio of water, sugar, and instant tea to make a pitcher at home. You know the exact amount and your friends and family come over just to have a glass. But you also love ready-to-drink iced teas. Especially for those days you’re stuck behind a tractor on the highway and need your tea ASAP.

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If you answered yes to two or more truths, you’re officially an iced tea lover! Celebrate with, well, iced tea! Order Nestea Sweet Iced Tea Mix Lemon or NEW Flash Brewed ready-to-drink green and black iced teas.

Share your Nestea Flash Brewed flavor with us on Facebook (Peach, Lemon, or Raspberry?) And submit your Nestea Iced Tea Mix recipe for a chance to be featured on Nestea USA social media!

That’s all for now, y’all ❤️
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Less is More

At NESTEA, we believe tea is a reflection of choices. We chose a new path leading back to simple origins, while using innovative brewing technologies. The New NESTEA Flash Brewed Tea is 100% sourced from smallholder tea growers in the high-altitude Nilgiri region of India— known for intensely aromatic, high-quality tea. All of our tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified, showing NESTEA’s commitment to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods through the Sustainable Agricultural Standard. Using an innovative Flash Brewed process, our tea sustains an abundance of nutrients and fresh taste, traditionally lost during the brewing of most teas today. No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors are necessary. It’s simple tea, done right. Refreshing, natural, and tasty.

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