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This Week’s Issue: The Mystery of the Skeleton Lake

Email sent: Dec 7, 2020 7:31pm

Plus: the countdown to a coronavirus vaccine, Ian Frazier on rereading “Lolita,” and why we still love “The Office.”
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Roopkund Lake Annals of Science

The Skeletons at the Lake

Genetic analysis of human remains found in the Himalayas has raised baffling questions about who these people were and why they were there.

By Douglas Preston
vaccines Coronavirus Chronicles

Countdown to a Coronavirus Vaccine

The race is nearly complete, but distributing the doses will be a breathtaking challenge.

By Carolyn Kormann
Patrick Bryne A Reporter at Large

A Tycoon’s Deep-State Conspiracy Dive

Patrick Byrne, of Overstock, had always been outspoken. Did an affair with a Russian agent push him too far?

By Sheelah Kolhatkar
Paradise Cabins Personal History

Nabokov, Steinberg, and Me

Rereading “Lolita” and reflecting on crossing paths with two heroes on Route 66.

By Ian Frazier
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Getting Through the covid Winter

We’re in a strange limbo. Real empowered national leadership won’t arrive until Inauguration Day, and the next wave of infections is already here.

By Amy Davidson Sorkin
A Teacher On Television

“A Teacher”: A Series Best Saved for Fourth-Period Health Class

Depicting a relationship between a high-school teacher and her student, the show takes aim at a permitted perversion, a subject of memes and giddy Post headlines.

By Doreen St. Félix
Rodari Books

The Italian Genius Who Mixed Marxism and Children’s Literature

Gianni Rodari, who has been almost unknown in English till now, united a fantastical imagination with a deep interest in education.

By Joan Acocella
The Office Podcast Dept.

Why Do We Still Love “The Office”?

The show’s enduring popularity, even during lockdown, says a lot about the place where we used to spend most of our time.

By Sarah Larson
Rico Nasty Pop Music

The Raw Sounds of Rico Nasty

The artist is part of a growing field of young women rappers who seem a little louder, a little freakier, and a little rougher around the edges each week.

By Carrie Battan
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“An astounding act of meditation and a guidebook back to our senses.”—Claudia Rankine, author of “Citizen: An American Lyric”

Humor from The New Yorker

man looking at screens Shouts & Murmurs

My Colleague, the Antichrist

How much gnashing of teeth can you take before it drives you round the bend?

By Jack Handey
One lemming holds a sign that reads "The End Is Getting Nearer and Nearer" as they wait to jump off the cliff. Cartoons From The Issue

Cartoons from the Issue

Drawings and drollery from this week’s magazine.

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