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Hi -,

I used to be terrified of cancer. Now I’m not.

Why? Well, I used to think it was a mysterious
plague that you can’t do anything about.

That you probably won’t live from.

That you have terrifying things done to you like
being radiated, having things cut out of you and
having toxic chemicals drip fed into your veins.

I also thought that people suddenly “get”

Nursing my father-in-law at age 49 with terminal
cancer and watching the life being sucked out of
him in just 7 months further confirmed my fears.

I witnessed how the normal “standard of care”
did NOTHING for him, in fact the normal cut,
burn and poison methods further weakened him.

Ever since then I have watched this cruel villain
– and the treatments Medicine prescribes as it
continues to take amazing and beautiful people
from my life…way too soon…way too young.

After decades of experience working on the front
line of the fitness industry and with research I
have come to the conclusion that cancer, when
boiled down to the essentials, is a fundamental
failure of the immune system.

We have come to learn that your body is
eliminating cancer cells every day. That in any
given year, your body is metabolizing growths
of even millions of cancer cells that you never
even know about.

All the way until there is a tipping point where
excessive toxicity, and/or your immune system
having too many overwhelming battles to fight…
let cancer growth get the upper hand.

It has become so serious that 2 out of every 3
of us WILL get cancer at some time in their

It used to be 1 out of 3!

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I live my life so I
absolutely will NOT be one of those 2 people.

Your choices every day with the way you live
your life either shunt you towards getting
cancer or away from it.

That I believe with all my heart.

I want to share the same strategies I use with
you to remove the fear of YOU ever getting
cancer (or any other preventable disease) and
chances of you becoming one of those horrible
statistics is greatly lessened.

Sure you have to do some things called “self-care”
(maybe think of it as self-preservation).

It might be a pain in the “you know where” but
the alternative is 100 times, no maybe 1000
times worse to go down the OTHER awful road,

One thing is for sure. You are at great risk if
you sit back and do nothing.

Trust me when I say, it is FAR EASIER to
protect your health with the choices you make
every day than risk living with a health time
bomb and getting that life shattering diagnosis
at some point in your life.

For a very limited time I am offering my program
"Activate The Self Healing Process Within You"

I'm also including 2 extra BONUS products on
top of the 3 that I normally offer - so, a total of
5 extra products are included and it won't cost
you a single extra cent...

This is your chance to get the upper hand on
a devastating disease by learning how to FEND
IT OFF before it ever gets the chance to take
hold in your life.

There is no question that are some maladies
that are extraordinarily difficult to recover from,
and yet relatively easy to defend against.

Cancer is certainly one of them.

In fact, it's at the top of my list.

To your health…always!


Carolyn Hansen –Your Go To Health & Fitness Specialist

“I help clients take charge of their health before circumstance
removes the option. If your quest for a life of true physical and
mental well-being is a journey I’ll put you in the driver’s seat.”

For tools and resources to achieve this visit:
Carolyn Hansen Fitness

For free downloadable resources visit:


6 Seaview Road, Regent, Whangarei, Northland 0110, NEW ZEALAND

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