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Dragon Summer Savings end tomorrow... Don't miss out

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

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... Upgrade to save 50% on Dragon Professional Individual 15 and get more done in less time!
Dragon Summer Savings
end tomorrow – don’t miss out and upgrade today!
Dragon Professional Individual 15
Dragon is that rare thing: a productivity app that is actually fun to use, and richly deserving of an Editors' Choice.
Jill Duffy, PC Magazine
Dragon Professional Individual 15
Dragon Professional Individual 15 is the best Dragon we've ever engineered – and we want you using it. Cutting-edge Deep Learning technology, new transcription features, broader application support, improved formatting, touchscreen PC optimization, contextual guidance and more combine to let you do more in less time!
Upgrade now
Only: $149.99*
Regularly $300.00
Hurry, offer expires 06/30/20
One Year of Dragon Anywhere SAVE $30
Dragon Anywhere is professional-grade mobile dictation for iOS or Android that empowers busy professionals to dictate, edit and format documents of any length directly on their mobile devices – all by voice. No word limits. No time limits. 99% accuracy. You'll love getting more done on the go.
Subscribe now
Only: $150.00*
Per month: $15.00
Hurry, offer expires 06/30/20
Dragon Anywhere
...much faster than you can type on your laptop, and ridiculously faster than you can type on your phone.  
David Pogue, YAHOO! Tech
Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Bluetooth headset
Designed to dictate accurately and comfortably up to 33 feet away
Only $99.99*
Regularly $149.99
Get yours now
Offer is physical shipment only
Dragon USB Noise-Canceling Headset
USB headset
High-performance USB headset microphone with noise-canceling technology
Only $19.99*
Regularly $34.99
Get yours now
Offer is physical shipment only
PowerMic III Professional Mic
Nuance PowerMic III
Our most powerful mic is loaded with cutting-edge speech recognition functions
Only $424*
Available in 3'ft or 9'ft cords
Get yours now
Offer is physical shipment only
What the experts say...
Dragon Professional Individual v15 shows off improved speech recognition accuracy and really does save time... Editors’ rating: OUTSTANDING
Sandra Vogel, ZDNet      

Summer is officially here and we're sharing some cool offers with hot savings. And while you're guaranteed to save money, the real excitement comes when you ultimately save time. Everyone needs more time in their day. You may ask, "How can I REALLY make more time in my day?" That answer, as you may have guessed, is by upgrading to Dragon Professional Individual 15.

This latest release delivers a minimum 15% accuracy increase by leveraging cutting-edge Deep Learning technology. It also features new transcription functionality, optimization for touchscreen PCs, broader application support, and more – all letting you work faster and smarter. For decades we've been building towards a Dragon that's incredibly fast and accurate, extremely powerful, and super easy to use – and here it is.

Now we want you using it.

As a current Dragon customer, we're inviting you to upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 15 today at the exclusive, customer-only price of just $149.99.* You'll work faster and more efficiently than ever before – and that’s just the beginning. Think about the time you'll save. Upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 15 now.

Dragon Professional Individual 15 gives you:
Our most accurate Dragon yet with 15% better accuracy than v14 and 26% better than v13
Our fastest Dragon yet with faster, easier setup, faster startup and more
Our smartest Dragon yet with improved recognition of numbers, place names, email addresses and more
Our most versatile Dragon yet with easier transcription featuring no training required, new speaker management, auto punctuation and more
Plus so much more

Dragon Professional Individual 15 lets you do more in less time.

22 minutes to type Typing at 40 words per minute, a person produces a 3-page, 900-word document in roughly 22 minutes.
6 minutes to speak Speaking 150 words per minute, the same 900-word document can be produced in just 6 minutes.

Faster. More accurate. Smarter. More versatile. You'll be amazed! So why not spend less time working with your documents and more time enjoying your day? Order today!

You'll get more done in less time. Upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 15.
8 quick ways Dragon Professional Individual 15 will make your life easier:
Dragon Professional Individual 15 is an entirely new milestone in speech recognition speed and accuracy thanks to a next-generation speech engine and the introduction of cutting-edge Deep Learning technology. You'll marvel at the ease by which you cruise through your everyday tasks using the power of your voice. You'll do in minutes what once took you hours – and you'll love it!

Find out how Dragon will save you time and help you get more out of your day...
Save valuable time
Save valuable time typing faster by voice
Typing is a productivity killer. It's painful and time-consuming. Nuance's next-generation speech recognition technology lets you create, format, and edit text – by voice – quickly and efficiently within the latest PC applications. It's our fastest Dragon ever.

Imagine letters, reports, email, instant messages, and more – all created faster than ever before. Cool, right? You'll get more done in less time.
Unprecedented accuracy
Eliminate errors working more accurately by voice
Thanks to its cutting-edge Deep Learning capabilities, Dragon Professional Individual 15 gives you up to 99% accuracy from the word go, never makes a spelling mistake, quickly learns your own special words (jargon, names, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.), and gets smarter and more accurate the more you use it.

This latest release of Dragon delivers a 15% accuracy increase over v14 and a 26% increase over v13. You'll be amazed!
Control your PC
Work faster when you voice control your PC
You'll enjoy science fiction-like command and control of your computer using your voice in ergonomic, hands-free comfort. In addition to using simple commands to control applications, you can create custom commands to automate tedious multi-step business processes.

For example, you can send an email to your sales distribution list, copy senior management, and print a hard copy for your files by simply saying, "Send standard sales distro email." Boom. Five minutes of work done in five words!
Transcribe audio
Save time transcribing text from pre-recorded audio files
In addition to being able to effortlessly transcribe your own recorded dictation from a digital handheld recorder, Dragon Professional Individual will accurately transcribe any other single speaker's voice from pre-recorded audio files or from podcasts.

Now it's a breeze to create a written transcript of that podcast to which you just listened or that keynote speech which impressed you so much.
Intelligent formatting
Waste no time with intelligent, natural text formatting
The more you use Dragon, the better it performs. But this edition of Dragon is ridiculously smart to begin with, knowing that when you say "two point five million" it needs to type "2.5 million."

Jotting a quick email to a friend for a meet-up? Speak "quarter of five" and Dragon will precisely type "4:45." Need to address your email? Simply say, "John dot Smith at gmail dot com" and Dragon will type "" Highly advanced. Ridiculously easy. Totally amazing.
Touch-enabled device support
Work more easily with new touch-enabled device support
While a significant number of Dragon users enjoy working entirely hands-free, many prefer a mixed approach that couples dictation with the use of a keyboard. Dragon Professional Individual 15 adds a new facet to usability in that it's optimized to deliver an intuitive touch experience on Windows 10 tablets and PCs in tablet mode.

Ideal for today's new, highly mobile PCs utilizing hybrid touch and keyboard interaction modes, Dragon Professional Individual 15 lets you experience peak levels of documentation productivity.
Get more done on the go
Get more done on the go
Dragon Professional Individual 15 integrates seamlessly with Nuance's mobile dictation solution, Dragon Anywhere, enabling you to get documents done anywhere you go.

Dragon Anywhere is a subscription-based mobile app for professional-grade continuous dictation that lets you create and edit documents of any length by voice – using your own customized vocabularies, shortcuts and commands – directly on your iOS or Android device. It's a smart, innovative way to achieve seamless productivity in the office or on the go.
Get going right away
Get going right away: Easy to get started, easy to master
Because of Dragon Professional Individual's incredible accuracy, getting started is quick and painless. Helpful tutorials make it easy to become a power-user right away. Productivity tips prompted by your usage help to accelerate your proficiency while introducing you to advanced Dragon features. We've basically thought of everything to make using Dragon as easy as humanly possible.

For instance, the first time you hit backspace while dictating, you'll be prompted to say "scratch that" which will remove what you've just dictated. Super helpful. Amazingly easy.
Plus there's so much more...
Put your voice to work and get more done in less time!
The world's best-selling speech recognition software has gotten better. Much better. The biggest reason so many people rely on Dragon: it works! Dragon boasts over 250 awards for accuracy and ease of use and Dragon Professional Individual 15 delivers the most extraordinary user experience yet – right from the word go.

Imagine yourself creating documents and emails, controlling your PC, surfing the Web, and more – faster and more accurately than ever before. Now imagine what you can do with all that the time you're going to save. Busy professionals credit Dragon with their prolific output and now it's our pleasure to offer you the same powerful, time-saving solution at these exclusive upgrade savings.
Nuance 30-day Guarantee
You're going to love it, but don’t take our word for it – see for yourself. Try Dragon Professional Individual 15 without risk for one month. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply return it within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund your $149.99. It's that simple. Don't miss out!

Act now and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity... Upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 15 now!
Upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 15 and save!
*Taxes not included. Offer is not for resale and limited to 2 units per customer. Expires June 30, 2020.
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