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The Ministry of Health are intending on dropping the allowable nicotine levels in salted e-liquids to 28.5mg/ml (from 50mg/ml). A public.....

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The Ministry of Health are intending on dropping the allowable nicotine levels in salted e-liquids to 28.5mg/ml (from 50mg/ml).

A public consultation survey has been released by the Ministry of Health, so the public can have their say. Wether you do or don't agree that the nicotine levels in e-liquids should be dropped by almost half, it is important that you take the opportunity to speak up, or forever hold your peace.

We have all been given until 5pm on 26th June 2023 to complete the survey. If you would like to play a role in the outcome of this important decision, please follow this link (or copy/paste into your browser) 
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What is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine SALT is normal nicotine that has been mixed with organic compounds, making it smoother for the user, and that is how we make e-liquids with higher nicotine levels without making it harsh and hard to vape. Because we have mixed the nicotine and compounds, we are essentially diluting the nicotine (because we are adding to it), so the finished nicotine solution (known as nicotine salt) is only made up of approximately half nicotine and half compound.

Each manufacturer uses their own recipes and their own compounding ingredients, so that means manufacturer ‘A' might end up with a 50:50 mix of nicotine and compound, and manufacturer ‘B' might end up with a 60:40 mix. It is possible for any manufacturer to make anywhere between 1 part nicotine to 99 parts compound, or 99 parts nicotine to 1 part compound, or anything in between. This is why it is important for e-liquids have true nicotine levels that are not false and misleading. How much nicotine are you really getting?

Here at NZVAPOR we support 50mg, and here are our reasons:

  • The MoH want salted e-liquids to have a max of 50mg/ml of nicotine SALT solution - not a true 50mg/ml of nicotine  
    • True 50mg/ml delivers a close dosage of nicotine to the user as a regular cigarette. Vaping has always been aimed at being a smoking replacement product

  • All major industries who create products with active ingredients (think Panadol) use the active ingredient as the marker - not a diluted version of that ingredient
    • e.g. If you buy 500mg Panadol you get 500mg of the pain relief ingredient, not 500mg of a diluted solution that only contains 250mg of the pain relief ingredient

  • Labelling rules will not be changed. That means 50mg/ml will need to be shown on the label, but the product will only be approximately half of that. We believe this is false labelling

  • Every manufacturer has their own recipes, some use more mixing compounds, some use less, and some use different compounds
    • This will lead to the label showing 50mg/ml, but the actual content could really be anywhere from 1mg/ml to 28.5mg/ml - the user could not tell how much nicotine is really in their product 

  • With the nicotine being removed from traditional cigarettes soon, it is important that smokers have a replacement product to turn to. We all know how bad withdrawals can be

If you would like more information on this subject before you place your submission please feel free to reply to this email and we will do our best to answer your questions. This email has gone out to a lot of people so please bear with us as we try to respond with valuable information.

The team at NZVAPOR
2C/2181 East Coast Road, Silverdale
Auckland 0932, New Zealand
0800 698 2767
Outside of NZ phone +64 9 393 0099

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