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10 Things We’re Doing Besides Getting Tote-ally Carried Away

Email sent: Dec 16, 2013 12:23 pm

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Well, color us self-satisfied. Because we think these are the funniest effing totes we’ve ever seen. I mean, come on: Circle playing the role of “Estranged Polka Dot?” Square masquerading as “Alienated Check?” And the lowly line dressing himself up as an “Abandoned Stripe?” TOO GOOD. One of our all-time favorite creative minds (and instagram accounts) Mimi O Chun came up with and designed this hilarity. Her genius truly blows our minds, and so do these totes, which are now available for 11 bucks a pop on our site.—claire


Erica's things:

Claire’s things:
  • Thinking Letters in the Mail—a subscription service from The Rumpus that sends you hand-written letters from authors—might be just be the best gift idea I’ve seen yet. Especially the kids version.

  • Having a moment over head-spinningly amazing food art (art food?), courtesy of Flourshop, Mocomeshi, and my OG fave, Luxirare.

  • Dying over The American Reader’s “10 Under 10 Writers to Watch”—a hilarious send-up of age-festishizing lists, self-serious writers, and the like.

  • Discovering the wonder that is a jujube (yes, it’s a real fruit, not just a candy)—tastes like a cross between an apple and a date, and makes the perfect snack.

  • Wishing I could live inside a Brigitte Sire photograph—seems like a pretty dreamy and happy place to be.

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