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10 Things We’re Doing Besides Mainlining Ice Cream

Email sent: Jun 24, 2013 1:46 pm

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We have given up complaining about the heat (on the internet anyway) and, in turn, have taken up an ice cream addiction. So, without further ado, here is how we’re managing: this recipe for at-home fro-yo, this stand-out establishment with convenient locations in both of our ‘hoods, and road trips to this place near my parents’ house where the cows responsible for your frozen treat graze alongside you while you consume it. You’re WELCOME. —claire


Erica’s things:

+ Falling fast and hard for Mulberry & Vine, the bougie new health-food spot in Tribeca that’s destined to be our new lunch go-to. Farro salad central, guys.

+ Eating up the vintage celebrity awesomeness on Stone Fox Bride’s “Couples We Love” Pinterest board. Heeey, Brooke Shields and Scott Baio.

+ Getting a little (ok, a LOT) misty over Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his mom, who passed away at 92.

+ Working my New York Public Library card so hard with 21-day Kindle loans, downloading goodness like The Round House, Telegraph Avenue, When You Reach Me, and The Power of Habit.

+ Making use of the handy app Farmstand—it helps you find a farmers’ market near you that’s open for business.


Claire’s things:

+  Wishing GZA had been teaching science back when I was in school. Way cooler than Bill Nye.

+ Eagerly anticipating (and backing!) this doc about New Yorker cartoons. Watch the amazing teaser vid if only to realize Roz Chast looks nothing like what you imagined. (Related.)

+ Psyched to learn that BAM is putting a movie screen in the historic Harvey Theatre—that’s going to be a major film-watching experience.

+ Loving the game-changing new Gmail feature that auto-filters your messages into folders that actually make sense so you can focus on the important stuff. (To turn it on click on the gear icon and go to "configure inbox".)

+ Cracking up over this Pinterest board that tells the story of an imaginary toddler named Quinoa whose lifestyle lives up to her name.

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