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10 Things We’re Doing Besides Wishing We Could Curl Up Inside a Freezer

Email sent: Jun 3, 2013 1:57 pm

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Can I tell you guys a sort of embarrassing secret? Summer is my least favorite season. I know most people are all about it because vacation and stuff, but I must have some fellow haters out there—others who become a (literal) hot mess as soon as temps rise above 80 degrees. So, below are 1o things you can do in air conditioning while also complaining about how tired and cranky this weather makes you feel. You’re welcome. —claire


Erica’s things:

+ Itching to own the single-subject, pamphlet-style cookbooks from Short Stack Editions. That cover art!

+ Sweating Tavi Gevinson’s Q&A with Emma Watson for Rookie. God, they’re both so likeable.

+ Logging a summer reading list with the help of this stellar Flavorpill guide to highbrow beach reads.

+ Buying some more Soapwalla deodorant—the best natural stuff on the planet. For serious.

+ Whipping up this Sicilian farro and tuna salad on the reg—a weeknight-meal home run (that works with quinoa or whatever other grain you have, too).


Claire’s things:

+  Discovering a spice in Mexico that rivals my love of Old Bay—Tajin. Sprinkle it on mangoes or pineapples with some lime.

+ Applauding the launch of The Sweethome, which is basically America’s Test Kitchen for home products. Yes I do want to know what the best toilet paper on the market is.

+ Giving my nails a break from manicures for the summer, with the help of Nailtiques, a crazy-good protein strengthener.

+ Adding Shit Bloggers Wear to my list of hilarious tumblrs pokin’ (artful!) fun at fashion, right alongside Wear This To That and Real Men Swear.

+ Ordering hand rolls galore at Momo Sushi Shack—a delicious Japanese spot offering the Bushwick crowd a dining option besides fancy pizza.

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