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10 Things We’re Doing On The Very Last Day of Our SPRINGFORCOLOR Sale

Email sent: Mar 11, 2013 1:55 pm

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Just like we promised, we’re here in the Lone Star State, and though we’d almost forgotten what they feel like, turns out temperatures above 30 degrees are QUITE PLEASANT. Get your act together before our springtime sale ends, and you too can get mentally and sartorially prepared for a similar experience. All of the instructions you need are in that lovely graphic above. —claire

Erica’s things:

+ Discovering The Awl’s deep dive into the history of Seventeen magazine. Spotted on a 1956 cover: "Elvis Presley: rising star or passing fad?"

+ Wishing I had more excuses to go to Dallas and hang at the chill, cool, and super well-priced Belmont Hotel.

+ Really embracing the convenience of Zocdoc and finally booking some doctor appointments. You can search by insurance and location, read reviews, and book all from the site—so, basically, no excuses.

+ Loving the crap out of Man Repeller’s Girls recap—posted as a series of emails between Leandra and (adorable Of a Kind writer!) Mattie Kahn.

+ Adding boatloads of recipes from Food52’s “Genius Recipes” series to my to-cook list. Ginger fried rice and spicy tomato soup, anyone?

Claire’s things:

+ Restocking my Restorsea—I just finished my first jar of the eye cream, which worked Copperfield levels of magic on under-eye issues that were driving me nuts.

+ Loving the simple concept and beautiful selection of objects at JnrlStr (pronounced ‘General Store’)—who knew shopping by color would make me so happy?

+ Wishing Austin-based Snap Kitchen would hurry up and expand to NYC—their wide selection of very portable and very healthy snacks would kill here.

+ Celebrating the download of a much-needed new running mix, courtesy of our Austin roommates and dead serious girl DJ duo, The Jane Doze.

+ Bragging about the incredible (and incredibly cheap) goodies I scored at Bon Ton Vintage on our road trip from Dallas to Austin.  

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