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10 Things We’re Doing Other Than Complaining About the Weather

Email sent: Jan 28, 2013 12:17 pm

   what's it take to get a snow day around here?


OUR frozen-but-not-(yet)-broken diaries


PSYCH! We’re not doing anything other than complaining about the weather, much less 10 things. So here are 10 things we’re kind of half-heartedly doing while wishing that wearable comforters were on-trend. Oh, and that pic? That’s us in 2002 (college, don’t judge) taking refuge from the Chicago winter in Erica’s car...and hats. Who says throwbacks are just for Thursdays? —claire

Erica’s things:

+ Appreciating the crap out of my humidifier. My hair looks 90% less awful than it did before I got this thing.

+ Developing a girl crush on the founder of the French, single-malt whisky Brenne.

+ Raving about the (free!) Cue app: It syncs your calendar entries with the email exchanges and contacts associated with them and just makes running around to meetings waaay better.

+ Gearing up for Puppy Bowl IX, with a little help from The New Yorker. Two words: hedgehog cheerleaders.

+ Determining that this roasted cabbage wedge salad from The Yellow House is the perfect solution on cold, miz nights when ordering-in is just too tempting.

Claire’s things:

+ Wishing I was pals with this chick.

+ Mentally decorating my dream home with furniture from Organic Modernism.

+ Expanding my guilty pleasure across mediums by listening to the Nashville soundtrack on repeat. (Don’t miss my favorite, “Boys and Buses,” which is inexplicably unavailable on Spotify.)

+ Refining my eyebrow grooming technique with Sania’s Brow Bar’s latest release: an angled eyebrow pencil that is actually so special as to be worth writing about.

+ Pretending I’m on the sunny beaches of Mexico with a Michelada in one hand and a fish taco in the other, courtesy of my favorite neighborhood spot, Gran Electrica.

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