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10 Things We’re Doing Other Than Going to Music Festivals

Email sent: Jun 10, 2013 5:48 pm

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In case you weren’t on Instagram last weekend, Governors Ball happened, and it was a literal MESS of a concert. We’re talking Woodstock levels of muddiness. Guess where we were? Somewhere with dry feet. And, in a matter of days, when Bonnaroo (similar to Governor’s Ball but hotter and on a farm) begins, we will be somewhere with air conditioning. I don’t know, you guys—I like fun (and music!) as much as the next person, but these things seem miserable to me, which is so confusing because everyone (sane, lovely people, even) always looks so HAPPY to be there. What am I missing? My youth, right? </rant>—claire

Erica’s things:

+ Making the most of strawberry season with this cake—pretty and easy.

+ Watching this mattress commercial featuring a bunny cuddle puddle on repeat...and then doing the same with the behind-the-scenes video.

+ Understanding, thanks to these awesome linguistic maps, why I’m the rare Midwesterner who says soda instead of pop.

+ Seriously appreciating the business posts Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn writes on his Medium—refreshingly honest stuff.

+ Loving that food-plus-fashion is now a total THING. Proof: Check out The New Potato.


Claire’s things:

+  Downloading the new Eater app—the perfect solution for when you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood and the only thing you know for sure is around the corner is hanger (hunger-induced anger).

+ Crying buckets watching this ad about gay marriage...from Expedia of all places.

+ Finally finding at-home wax strips that work and don’t leave gunk all over your legs, ℅ Completely Bare.

+ Catching my breath after hearing David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s isolated vocals from "Under Pressure". A cappella nerds, you are welcome.

+ Loving The Cut’s Out of the Box series in which they leave photographers to their own devices to style fashion shoots. The Ina Jang edition is a winner.

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