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10 Things We’re Doing To Deserve your Vote

Email sent: Feb 25, 2013 1:14 pm

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As we're fond of saying here at Of a Kind HQ, "If we could afford to buy your vote, we would." And that's truer now more than ever since we've been nominated for a Fashion 2.0 Award in the category of "Best Fashion Startup." And, sure, it's an honor just to be nominated (or whatever), but really not that much of an honor unless we win. You know I'm saying? What I'm saying is: Please vote for us.

Erica's things:

+ Learning that you can in fact eat DELICIOUS St. Louis-style, provel-dredged pizza at Speedy Romeo in Brooklyn...thanks to NPR?

+ Taking comfort in Daily Bunny—a predictably adorable blog that is exactly what it sounds like it is.

+ Finally reading all about Tony Hsieh (Zappos CEO!) and his super-commendable initiative to remake downtown Las Vegas. This Inc. article is where it’s at.

+ Tracking all of the amazing vintage-jewelry finds at Erie Basin on the Red Hook store’s very enticing Tumblr.

+ Discovering that Walmart is a Missed Connections hotbed, ℅ some infographic action from Psychology Today.

Claire's things:

+ Marveling at the power of a good makeup artist with T Magazine’s genius model-morphosis feature.

+ ...And then countering that with a fair nod in the direction of good genes with Howard Schatz’s series of photographs of models and their mothers.

+ Having a good, stupid laugh at one of my favorite Instagram accounts, earlboykins.

+ Still loving Medium. This week delivered essays from two of my favorites: Sloane Crosley on bris-crashing, and Elizabeth Spiers on why having (or at least practicing) relationships in your 20s is important.

+ Jamming out to Toro Y Moi—who, by the way, rocks Of a Kind alum Baron Wells in this gorgeous music video.

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