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10 things we're doing during the holidays...besides shopping our SALE, duh

Email sent: Dec 31, 2012 12:08 pm
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Erica and I spend, at minimum, 5 days a week together, usually planted at a couple’s desk separated only by giant computer screens. During the holidays, we enforce a mandatory separation, communicating only to relay the truly important stuff, like how Erica’s been trying out a gluten-free diet despite having received a pasta maker for Christmas (verdict is still out on the efficacy of said eating regimen as she’s also suffering from a cold). [Ed (er, Erica): This was meant to be a secret, but I should have known better.] Below, everything else we’ve found necessary to report to one another in between the back-and-forth about a cleverly named coupon code for our post-holiday sale—by the way, verdict on that one was AFTERMATH, and it gets you 30% off everything through Friday morning. —claire

Erica’s Winter Break Diary:

+ Determining the best NYE nail color. Into the Gloss makes a good case for Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money.

+ Filling up the Kindle with books about game-changing ladies—Diana Vreeland, Katharine Graham, and Mindy Kaling included.

+ Researching matcha on the internets. Is owning a bamboo whisk too much?!

+ Trying to motivate the wintertime working-out. This Lululemon hat with a *genius* ponytail hole might help. Ok, caved and bought running mittens.

+ Sorting out the Monday-night bubbly sitch—and using Grub Street's list of emerging sparkly brands as a guide.

Claire’s Winter Break Diary:

+ Learning how to knit, courtesy of my mom (the pro responsible for the sweater Erica's wearing in the above pic). Working my way up to a Wool and the Gang kit—eyeing this poncho-meets-scarf Snow Warmer.

+ Wishing I was IRL friends with Suze Orman after reading her book Women & Money, which is the perfect mix of therapy, coaching, and straightforward instructions.

+ Telling everyone about the wonder of RMS Living Luminizer, which Diana, our rockstar developer, gifted us for the holidays.

+ Catching up on my Instapaper account. Highlights include this (about an artist working in Chicago’s South Side, where Erica and I met), this (about my favorite childhood author), and this (background reading in anticipation of Sofia Coppola’s next flick).

+ Listening to Solange’s “Losing You” on repeat, bonus points for the video which features highly inspirational pattern-mixing and dance moves.

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