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Corridor shirts, Yogi shoes and a kerfuffle with Cthulhu

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Pica~Weekly: this week’s news, transmitted from the FBI headquarters

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Corridor is a new one to Oi Polloi, fresh from the mean streets of NYC.

Founded by an ex-FBI man — and that’s not a joke — this lot make all sorts of top-tier schmutter, but their shirts are what really float our proverbial boat.

The fabrics are classy, the designs are stripped-back, and there’s enough high-class Ivy League flavour to fill a punch bowl…

It’s not hard to see why we’re so enamoured with ‘em.


Influenced by 70s comfort shoe oddities like Roots and the Kalso Earth Earth shoe, Yogi’s shoes are a real individual option.

As well as their tried-and-tested negative heel comfort shoes, there’s some Oi Polloi exclusives in the roster as well.

We had an unquenchable thirst for some crisp cola suede, so we pestered Yogi to make some of their ultra-comfy shoes in the hallowed hue.

Needless to say, they didn’t disappoint.


Anyone know a movie producer? We think we’ve got a pretty decent idea for a film.

Basically, it’s about two French lighthouse keepers (both named Danton), who find themselves stranded on a uninhabitable rock off the coast of Le Havre after a violent kerfuffle with Cthulu destroys their sailing vessel and their prized collection of fine cheese.

We know that idea is pretty bobbins, but it’d be a great excuse to show off all this wondrous new Armor-Lux garb in all its salty sea dog wonderment.


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