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Prevent cravings and stabilize your blood sugar

Stop the cycle of cravings and crashes!

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Stop the cycle of cravings and crashes!
Okuma Nutritionals
Your energy is low... 
You are fighting cravings... 
You cannot lose weight... 
You may be senitive to carbohydrates and experiencing fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.  
Break the Cycle! 
Reduce Your Cravings!
Improve Your Energy!
Stabilize Your Blood Sugar!
Learn more! 
Navigating weight gain and weight loss is tricky and tiring. Teasing though the hundreds of popular diets and social media strategies and advice is exhausting for most. 
Over the upcoming weeks we will be breaking down the most popular diets with the pros and con, so be sure to check back in! 
In the meantime, Okuma's Dr. K has broken down the fundamentals to weight loss! 
Food and Movement
Maintaining a slight calorie deficit is the baseline for weight loss. Use this equation to determine your starting daily calorie intake: 
Body weight in LBS x 12
Don't forget that exercise and muscle development is key in calorie usage; the more you move the more you burn! 
Supplents and Support
The right combination of supplemental support can make a significant difference in your health journey. For those who struggle with low energy, cravings, and maintaing a calorie deficit, a blood sugar stabilzing formula can be crucial in weight managment. 

Break the Cycle and Take Control
If you find yourself caught in an endless cycle of brain fog, sluggishness, anxiety, hunger, bloating, and restlessnes, you may be experiencing fluctuations in your blood sugar, and may be sensitive to carbohydrates. Stablizing your blood sugar will help break this perpetual pattern! 
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