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New Articles on the Olive Branch! Learn About New PSAP Technology, Tinnitus Maskers and More!

Email sent: Oct 20, 2020 8:45am
What's New in PSAPs? What is a Tinnitus Masker and How Does it Help? Does Tricare Cover Hearing Aids? Read our new blogs to learn more about hearing health information.
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What's New in PSAPs? / Tinnitus Maskers / Tricare and Hearing Aids

What's New in Hearing Amplifiers (PSAPs)?

PSAPs (Personal Sound Amplifiers) are in a position to change the landscape of hearing devices and hearables.

Find out whats new in the scene and how it's shaking up the game!

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What is a Tinnitus Masker? How does it Help?

Tinnitus can range from an annoying ringing you only hear occasionally to a sound that makes it impossible to concentrate in day to day life.

Learn about how tinnitus maskers may be able to soothe your symptoms.

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Does Tricare Cover Hearing Aids?

Despite being classified a medical device, many health insurance plans don't cover hearing aids. 

If you're one of the millions of Americans under Tricare, are your hearing aids eligible for coverage?

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