Omni Off-Grid - The Final Product Design Votes Are In!

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And we are already making key adjustments based on your feedback!

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The Final Design
Votes Are In!

THE FINAL DESIGN VOTES ARE IN! And we are already making key adjustments based on your feedback!

We'd like to share some of our changes with you and go through the survey results below.

Check out the upgraded product layout and specifications:
  • Add more USB-C ports: Instead of two, we are now increasing to four USB-C ports.
  • Add additional solar input ports: We are now adding additional input ports such as Anderson Power Pole, XT-60, and a high powered barrel port. All these DC ports are for both DC input/output.
  • For international backers, don't worry, we have a 230V version with an international socket (EU and UK combined)
  • Increase the input power: We are now increasing the input so that Omni Off-Grid can be recharged in less than 3 hours!
  • We've revised the lighting design to include ambient light, so it is easy on the eyes yet still useful during a blackout and when outdoors. Don't worry, we will make the light strength adjustable.
  • We're adding a Qi Wireless add-on module for those that want to charge their cellular phones wirelessly.
This community continues to inspire us to push the limits and make Omni Off-Grid a truly next-generation power station. These past weeks have been an amazing journey; your comments, feedback, and encouragement give us the confidence to launch a revolutionary product for Off-Grid adventures.

SIGN UP HERE to help us launch the Omni Off-Grid campaign; we need your support to get Omni Off-Grid launched and spread the word worldwide. We will include special rewards for your help.

Stay tuned as we get busy building and validating our prototypes and get our pre-launch activities going; we have lots to do from here, producing our video and websites. So stay tuned when we have a Pre-Launch in September for our loyal backers to sign up.
PROPOSED PORTS: Your feedback is very clear to us, you want more USB-C ports on the unit as more and more devices are shifting to this standard. Solar input ports are also very important to the off-grid community. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! For those that want Qi wireless, stay tuned as we’ve got an add-on module solution to show you when the campaign launches.
FRONT PANEL & SCREEN: The front panel was a bit of a mixed result. While most users chose option B, there was also an overwhelming concern regarding the light on the front. We moved the light to a less intrusive position to resolve this and shrunk it down to 1 frame. Remember, the light will also have an ambient mode, so it is not too strong and will allow you to see all the ports and buttons.
BATTERY CAPACITY: Looks like the majority of you appreciate the balance of battery capacity, weight, and form factor for portability. It was a hard balance to make, and for those that need more power, we are doing our best to add a bit more capacity without sacrificing the current size and portability.
POWER OUTPUT: 70% of the backers voted that we designed the power output just right, but we always know more never hurts. Our engineers are doing their best to improve the power output, surge, and especially, get our recharge time under 3hours!
OMNI CONNECT: 60% of backers are excited about our connectivity solution and provided lots of suggestions and feedback; we will incorporate your ideas on making these trackers more versatile and useful in off-grid situations. We have surprises in store, so stay tuned as we continue to develop the product features further.
HERE ARE THE FINAL RATING RESULTS! 80% of the voters are committed to backing the Omni Off-Grid Campaign, with many of you giving high scores for our slick design, power and ports, and innovation for connectivity. Thanks Guys, your vote of confidence is very important to everyone here at Omnicharge.

Don't forget to SIGN UP HERE to help us with the global campaign launch!
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