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I'm A Frayed Not 🎻 (prevent broken violin strings)😝

Email sent: Oct 2, 2019 3:47pm
Is Your Violin Case Fraying Your Strings?
This simple tip can help you prevent broken and frayed strings, saving you money, time, and the stress of a broken string!
The Problem:
Violin cases all come with a retaining strap. This strap causes friction and wear when the case is jostled. It's amazing how quickly this can slice through a violin string right around the area of your 3rd finger placement.
If your strings tend to fray in this area, your strings are probably being damaged by your velcro strap.
The Solution:
Simply fold your dust cloth (which you dutifully keep in your violin case anyway) under the retaining strap. It will serve as a cushion between the velcro and your strings, and you will never have the fraying problem again!
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