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RDV Practice Tips: I don't need any help (Said no one. Ever.)

Email sent: Jan 3, 2020 1:39pm
Your Practice Tips Are Here!
Hi -,
  • Are you trying to teach yourself to play violin?
  • Would you take private lessons if you had a good teacher nearby?
  • Are you insecure about how you sound?
  • Were you denied the opportunity to learn violin in earlier years?
  • Are you finally free to invest time in your passion for violin?
I know the feeling, and you're not alone!

Back in my childhood, there were no options outside of whatever a private teacher could provide, if there even WAS a local violin teacher.

The internet has changed all that, and you now have options!
A whole ton of them.
So many options that sometimes we start to drown.

The lessons at Red Desert Violin are designed with adult learners like you in mind. They are flexible, organized, and are focused on a sequential progression to help you reach your goals  - without distractions.

Read what some of my students are saying:

"First, I'd like to say "Thank You!": your video lessons are great for me. I tried previously to start playing violin but unfortunately failed -- it was too complicated, too many things at once which should be taken care of simultaneously. And I almost gave up, thinking that in my late forties it ought to remain an unreachable dream. But suddenly, I stumbled across your course, where you build up my skills one by one incrementally. And it just works! Now I'm at unit 9 of your first Suzuki book and I'm really progressing pretty well. So, many-many thanks to you once again!"

- Lev Y.,  Jerusalem.


"Truly, this is kind of a testimonial, because I am a trained musician, and I have had teachers. Good teachers. But none have pointed out these fun, interesting, and IMPORTANT, tricks, techniques, and exercises like Lora does. When Lora shows something like RINGY NOTES or 3 Pig Races, or Practice your Bow in a Mirror, for example, and then she sums it up with: Do this every day and it will PAY OFF BIG TIME... or she says: You"ll get Lots of BANG for Your BUCK HERE... well, that motivates me!  And it's really happening. I actually enjoy practicing for the first time in my life, and I'm 54. LOL THANK YOU "
- Cyd R., Ocala, Florida.

"When I was a kid, practice was a chore. Something I did because I had to. Once my daily mandatory minimum hour was up, the violin went back into its case, not a second later. Now, I can’t wait to practice. There is a sense of a goal, even if it is a small goal. Unfortunately, adult life does not allow for daily or even regular weekly practice. But when I practice with Lora, there is always a feeling that I just achieved something.  I wish I had a teacher like Lora growing up or at least heard of some of the basic concepts that she so readily shares. I doubt I would have been a professional musician but I probably would have never given up playing the way I did. I think I would have realized that it is Ok not to be perfect. It is Ok to just enjoy playing and anything can be learned – even that unachievable perfect pitch."


- Svetlana S., Europe.

Did you know that Red Desert Violin now has students in over 50 countries? (my mom never misses chance to brag about that fact)

Give it a try!  It’s risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!
See you in the studio!
Red Desert Violin
Don’t just play. Play well.
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