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RDV Practice Tips: If winning doesn't matter, why keep score?

Email sent: Dec 29, 2019 1:38pm
Accountability Drives Results!
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Not everyone is results-driven. Some people are happy doing their thing, whether it’s physical fitness, culinary arts, public speaking, or playing violin, and they sincerely do not care to know if they are getting better or not.
This is the difference between a hobby and skill-development. Either is fine, but most violinists I know are trying to develop and improve their skills, which makes this activity very results-driven.
Track your progress:
In order to see if you are getting good results or not, you have to find a way to track yourself. This can be easily achieved:
  • Record yourself: Record yourself 2-4 times per year. Play the same tune or sample each time, which gives you a watermark, also play your newest piece that you are working on. File the recording somewhere safe where it won’t be disturbed and is easily found.
When I record myself, I start each recording by saying, “Date is_____, distance from Zoom microphone is ______, I have tuned and warmed up, my strings are X months old.” This helps you to maintain consistent recording conditions.
  • Set goals: Goals guide our practice plans. If you set goals, SAVE THEM. By looking back through old goals, you might be pleased (or disturbed) by the goals you actually achieved.
  • Keep a practice diary: Keeping a written record is a great way to problem-solve, but it also gives you a little record of old struggles, victories, defeats, causes and cures.
I personally like ALL of these approaches, but I am going to give you help on one: a practice diary.
Click here to download my “practice plan/practice diary” combo template, and here’s a video discussion to teach you how to use this tool without letting it hog too much time.
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