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RDV Practice Tips: What the focus, -?!

Email sent: Dec 24, 2019 1:37pm
Your Practice Tips Are Here!
Hi -,

So far, we have discussed how to add efficiency and effectiveness to our practicing. Now let’s figure out how the heck we can add focus. Here are three keys:
  • Practice Plan: You already have the number one tool that helps busy adults focus during practice. Armed with a practice plan, your practice will begin with purpose and you will have a clear idea what you are trying to accomplish. The more you use this tool, the better it will serve you.
  • Focus Limit: Be aware of your focus or lack thereof.  What is your focus limit?  Are you barely able to hold focus for 5 minutes before you start wandering, or playing through your favorite tunes? If that's your limit, then build it into your plan by changing tasks every 5 minutes.
             Example of a 18 minute practice session for those with a 5 minute focus limit:
  • Warm-up, find beautiful tone (5 min)
  • Review a familiar tune (this is actually called “Repertoire Review”, and it’s an extremely  important activity!) (3 min)
  • G Major scale (5 min)
  • Work on a specific trouble spot in your current tune (5 min)
Construct your plan within your focus time limit, then try to gradually increase your focus time for longer periods.
  • Urgency: Sometimes I create a false emergency or deadline when practicing. I pretend, “I have to learn page 1 of this new song, and I only have 45 minutes, then I have to go on stage and perform it.”
I am a VERY suggestible person, and just pretending this scenario is enough to make my palms sweat and keeps me focused like a laser on my “emergency”.
Urgency helps prevent us from "twiddling our thumbs" to pass practice time. Those palms need to SWEAT
As you practice this week, try to be aware of your level of focus. Extra points for sweaty palms! ;-)

Until next time,
-- Lora
Red Desert Violin
Don’t just play. Play well.
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