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RDV Practice Tips: -what's in your violin practice toolbox?

Email sent: Dec 19, 2019 1:36pm
Your Practice Tips Are Here!
Dear -,

In the “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Violin”, I summarize high quality practice in the following way: Efficient, Effective, Focused, Results-Driven.

In the previous practice tips email, I gave you a tool to help improve your practice efficiency. (practice plans!)
Today, I will give you several tools to improve your practice effectiveness.

Too many teachers take for granted that students already know how to practice. Not Red Desert Violin!

Teaching students how to practice is one of my primary focuses.
A video is worth a thousand words, so here is an exclusive video from my Suzuki Book 4 course which discusses my favorite practice tools:
  • Isolation
  • Integration
  • 5x’s Game
  • Reps
  • Detective or Doctor
  • Cold Turkey
As you acquaint yourself with these tools, you will get better at knowing which tool to use on what problem.

Keep these tools in mind next time you practice. Use just ONE tool, and you’ll be hooked!
Red Desert Violin
Don’t just play. Play well.
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