5 Tips to Bounce Back from Burnout

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Plus — Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this easy guac recipe 🥑🎉
''If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.'' — Napoleon Hill

Fun fact: Did you know the high five is a relatively recent phenomenon? The first documented high five happened during a Dodgers game… in 1977! 🤯🤯🤯


While we can’t fully wrap our heads around the idea that the world was a high five-less place not so long ago, we’re super-thankful to live in the high-five timeline. So as we roll into the fifth month of the year, we’re sending you a virtual high five for all your hard work and goal-crushing progress so far this year.


We’re also packing this week’s newsletter with five changes you can make in just five steps, plus a yummy guac recipe to celebrate Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Up high!

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Tuesday May 4, 2021 

5 Tips to Fight Burnout

The occasional low-motivation day is totally normal. But if you’ve been dragging for days plural, you may be dealing with burnout.

Burnout can strike when we experience prolonged stress, whether it’s physical (like overtraining) or emotional (like… the past 14 months). If you feel like you’ve hit a wall, here are a few ways to get your focus back:

  1. Change it up. Even a tiny tweak to your routine — like training with a friend or working in new equipment — can help shake you out of a rut.

  2. Do what you love. If you get hung up on optimizing every active minute, it can zap your mojo. Make room in your training schedule for activities you do purely for fun, like dancing or taking your pup to the dog park.

  3. Ask your fitness community for support. They’re there to cheer you on. Once you’ve rekindled your motivation, you can return the favor!

Get more burnout-banishing tips here.

Those who follow Lita Lewis on Instagram or have tried her Strong + Solid workouts on Openfit are familiar with her “thick thighs save lives” mantra. Inner thighs get unfairly branded a problem area, but these adductor muscles are crucial for squatting, lunging, running, and jumping.

So instead of trying to compete in the thigh-gap olympics, focus on building strong adductors that’ll help you move powerfully and efficiently. Check out Strong + Solid with Lita Lewis on the Openfit app today for some lower-body love, and click below for five moves that target your inner thighs.

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, you’ve probably considered the usual suspects like stress and screen time. But there’s another possible culprit: Your eating habits can wreak havoc on your sleep quality.

The good news? With a few simple dietary tweaks, you may be able to sleep more soundly. Find out what to eat and what to avoid.

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Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and if you’re planning to ring it in with some authentic Mexican cuisine, we’ve got the perfect guacamole recipe to go with it! (If your avocados aren’t quite holiday-ready, try these tricks to ripen them faster.) Skip the chips and serve it with carrots, bell peppers, or jicama for a healthier twist.

Want to lose weight, increase endurance, or get faster? Running the same route at the same pace every day isn’t enough — to see results, you need to vary your training. (Bonus: It’ll help stave off boredom.)

Every runner should have these five workouts in their training plan:

  1. An easy run to build endurance and optimize recovery

  2. A long run to increase endurance and strengthen the cardiovascular system

  3. A tempo run to increase your capacity for high-intensity effort

  4. Intervals to improve aerobic capacity, stamina, and speed

  5. Hill repeats to build leg strength and power

Get the details on each workout at the button…

Prepping healthy meals in advance makes it easier to keep your nutrition goals on-track throughout the week. But if you’re new to meal prep, it may feel overwhelming.

Get a head start with this five-day meal plan. We’ve put together eight simple recipes that you can combine to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the next five days. (Want to make it even easier? Check out One Minute Meal Plan in the Openfit app.)

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