Can You Actually Lose Weight By Walking?

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Plus — Delete these 7 foods from your diet 😬
''Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.'' — Arthur Ashe

When you’re trying to live healthier, it’s natural to want to hoover up all the tips and tricks available. But that can land you in “information overload” territory real quick — making it hard to sift through all the hit-or-miss advice to find the science-backed, sustainable strategies that actually get results.


So in this week’s newsletter, we’re putting a few common myths and misconceptions under the microscope. Find out which foods you should really cut from your diet (hint: it’s not carbs), whether walking is enough exercise for weight loss, the truth about “catching up” on sleep, and more!


Tuesday, April 6, 2021 

7 Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat

Rigid rules can make your nutrition plan unsustainable, so it’s fine to leave some wiggle room for the occasional mindful indulgence. But there are a few foods you really shouldn’t eat — ever.

Want to see which ones made our list? (If you hate kale, you’ll want to read #3.)

Think bodyweight workouts are for newbs? Swipe left on that — no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can get an effective workout without using any equipment.

Whether you’re following our new bodyweight fitness program, Just Bring Your Body, or you want to add some bodyweight moves to your workout routine, let’s debunk some of the biggest bodyweight exercise misconceptions.

  • MYTH: You need heavy weights to build muscle. As long as you’re challenging yourself and training to technical failure — aka the point where you can’t do another rep with good form — gravity alone can provide the resistance you need to get ripped.
  • MYTH: If you’re not sore, it’s not working. Don’t get hung up on the “no pain, no gain” mindset. Focus on other performance indicators — like getting through more rounds in an AMRAP or running a faster mile.

We bust four more myths below.

Losing sleep can take a toll on your mood, memory, and overall health. So if something’s been keeping you up at night — deadlines, stress, Bridgerton — you may be planning to tuck in early tonight or sleep in late this weekend to make up for it.

But depending on how sleep-deprived you are, it may take more than one good night’s sleep to catch up on lost winks. Click the button for the best way to get out of “sleep debt.”

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Need a quick pick-me-up? Don’t order a sugary latte from the coffee shop — whip up this yummy smoothie with a caffeine kick instead!

Made with espresso and cacao powder, Openfit Plant-Based Nutrition Shake, almond milk, banana, and edible seeds, it’s loaded with flavor and delivers 13 g of fiber and 25 g of protein.

Plus, you only need five minutes (and zero barista skills) to make it — perfect for an easy-peasy breakfast or pre-workout power-up.

Lace up your sneakers, because tomorrow is National Walking Day! This underrated exercise can benefit your heart health, mood, creativity, and more.

But even a brisk walk probably won’t leave you dripping with sweat, so you may wonder if it’s enough of a workout. Short answer: Walking can be a great way to start your weight-loss journey. And if you’re already fit, it’s a great option for active recovery days.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of walking for weight loss:

  • Treat it like a workout: Trevor Thieme, CSCS, Openfit’s director of fitness and nutrition content, recommends walking “as if you’re late for a connecting flight at the airport.”
  • Embrace hills: Plan a route that includes some inclines and staircases — these can help you work your quads, calves, and glutes harder.
  • Listen to music: Look for motivating songs with a tempo of around 120 beats per minute to keep you at a brisk pace.
  • Find a walking buddy: You’re more likely to show up if someone’s counting on you, so schedule walking dates with friends or sign up for an Every Step class.

We’ve got five more tips, plus info on how many minutes of brisk walking you should aim for each week.

It’s no secret hydration is important — especially before, during, and after exercise. Water is vital to the proper functioning of every cell in our bodies, and dehydration can impact your workout performance and hinder your results.

But what’s the benefit of taking a hydration supplement rather than sipping plain old H2O? Adding a supplement like Ladder Hydration to your water bottle during or after your workout can help replenish electrolytes lost when you sweat. Learn why that matters — and if a hydration supplement is right for you.

That's all for this week's newsletter—thanks for reading!

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