-Jump-Start Your Day With This Pink Power Smoothie

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Plus — 8 no-brainer changes for a healthier life! 😁
It doesn't get easier. You just get stronger.

You’re crushing goals, and the workouts that used to leave you in a world of soreness are suddenly starting to feel… not so bad, actually. That’s a super-rewarding non-scale victory, but it’s also a cue to step it up so your progress doesn’t plateau.

This week, we’ve got a few power-ups to help you recharge and refocus — like a pick-me-up smoothie recipe, some booty-building fitness equipment, and the scoop on protein powder (ba-dum-tss). Read on, then set your sights on the next challenge!

Weekly Warm-up

Tuesday April 20, 2021

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Health

Not every step on your fitness journey will be easy. But some of them can be!

While it may take time to tighten up your nutrition or get the hang of a new workout, there are smaller tweaks you can make today that’ll make a real difference to your health.

We’ve got eight no-brainer changes to fine-tune your healthier lifestyle that are too easy not to make.

Think protein shakes are just for bodybuilders? Allow us a rebuttal.

Protein powder can help support your goals at any fitness level. Here are just a few ways:

  • Convenience: Rushed in the morning? Whip up a protein shake for breakfast. Need an afternoon snack? A bowl of protein pudding can satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Nutrients: Depending on which protein powder you choose, you may get vitamins, minerals, fiber, and even probiotics in addition to your protein.
  • Muscle recovery: It’s not just for gains — protein helps muscles repair and recover faster, which is important after any workout.

We’ve got two more reasons to give it a try…

Want to give your rearview a lift? While you can sculpt stronger glutes with bodyweight exercises alone, the right equipment can add resistance and help target your tush even more effectively. We’ve rounded up some of the best balls, bands, and ’bells to add to your home workout space.

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Don’t let its cotton-candy color fool you — this pink power smoothie is a nutrient-packed breakfast in disguise! Its vibrant pink hue comes from a superfood blend of strawberries, raspberries, and beetroot powder — plus there’s a secret ingredient that adds creaminess without racking up extra calories. And with 24 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber, this smoothie has serious staying power to keep you fueled ’til lunch.

If you’ve cursed your lack of willpower lately, listen up: While we tend to think of it as a magical quality that only a lucky few possess, willpower is really just a combination of self-control and smart strategies — which means anyone can build up superhuman willpower with a little practice. Start here:

  • Change your definition: Instead of thinking of willpower as a genetic gift, think of it as a skill you can strengthen over time. And just like push-ups, it’ll get easier with repetition.
  • Set yourself up for success: A little prep work, like stocking your kitchen with fresh fruit instead of chips, can make it easier to make healthy choices.
  • Focus on goals, not mistakes: Your grit— the ability to rally after a setback — can be even more important than your ability to make virtuous decisions all the time.

We’ve got two more tips…

Whether you treat today’s date as a national holiday or just another Tuesday, you’ve probably noticed that CBD products are everywhere — from skincare and bath bombs to sparkling water and tea.

That includes a bevy of CBD balms, creams, and supplements that claim to help athletes ease pain and aid muscle recovery. So can CBD benefit your routine? We lay out its purported benefits versus the known science.

That's all for this week's newsletter—thanks for reading!

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