Tips For Tackling Your To-Do List Faster

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Plus — Are you stretching the wrong way before your workouts? 🤔
''There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.'' — Zig Ziglar

Your calendar is finally starting to fill up after a year of mostly blank space. And as life gets busier, you may be tempted to look for shortcuts on your fitness journey: How long do you really need to work out? How fast can you build muscle? Is there a magic-bullet diet that’ll speed up your results?

But lasting results require commitment, so this week’s newsletter is all about shifting back to a go-the-extra-mile mindset — pushing your limits in every workout and committing to those healthy changes you may be glossing over (like stretching, eating more veggies, or cutting back on booze). Plus, we’ve got tips for managing your to-do list so you have time to tackle all of the above. Let’s do this! 🙌


Tuesday April 13, 2021 

5 Worst Workout Habits

Feel like you’re putting in the work but not seeing results quickly enough? Bad fitness habits could be to blame. Common pitfalls — like stretching the wrong way before a workout, or skipping recovery days — can hamper performance and lead to injury, burnout, or a plateau.

We asked three Openfit trainers to share the workout mistakes they see most often — and how to make sure your sweat sessions are helping you build strength, endurance, and mobility efficiently.

Get their tips for sidestepping the five worst habits here:

Whether it’s a glass of wine after work, a post-workout recovery brew (yep… it’s a thing), a boozy brunch, or a Saturday night bender, alcohol is ingrained in our culture. But after one hangover too many, you may be thinking about taking a break.

Quitting drinking can benefit your sleep quality, your weight-loss efforts, your mental health, and your budget — and these yummy non-alcoholic options make it easier to go dry:

Need more inspiration? Here are 7 things that can get better when you quit drinking.

Unless you’re racing against the clock in an AMRAP workout, you probably give yourself some time to recover between sets in a strength-training session. But how much downtime do you actually need? And can resting too much — or too little — hurt your gains? Get all the details at the button.

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Alas, cake still isn’t a vegetable, but this carrot cake shake recipe comes pretty close! Made with reduced-fat Greek yogurt, a scoop of Ladder Vanilla Whey Protein, dry rolled oats, pitted dates, pumpkin spice blend, and a cup of baby carrots, it has all the sweet-and-spiced goodness of carrot cake — but also delivers 41 grams of protein per serving.

Don’t skip out on stretching — even when you’re short on time. Mobility plays a key role in your overall fitness and can help with injury prevention, posture, and even your energy level. To get in touch with your inner Gumby, add these four types of stretches to your daily routine:

  • Passive stretching: Using a towel, band, or gravity to stretch your muscles rather than actively pulling yourself into a stretch.
  • Active stretching: Holding a stretching position with zero assistance other than the strength of the opposing muscle(s). For example, contracting your shoulder blades to pull your arms wide and stretch your chest.
  • Dynamic stretching: Movements that mimic those in a workout — such as gentle twists, squats, lunges, or controlled arm and leg swings — that take joints through a full range of motion.
  • Static stretching: Similar to active stretching, but you can hold onto the limb you're stretching to go even deeper — picture sitting on the ground with your legs straight and holding your feet or shins to stretch your hamstrings.

We’ve got more tips for increasing flexibility…

Your to-do list can be a helpful organizational tool… or a black hole for all the tasks you keep meaning to accomplish. So how can you create a to-do list that motivates you to actually, y’know, do the things? We’ve got expert-backed strategies for making an effective list — plus time management tips that can help you stick to it.

That's all for this week's newsletter—thanks for reading!

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