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Get the taste you know you love | triple chocolate truffle recipe | rest easier with gold
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gold pumpkin spice

give in to your cravings

This season, relax with gold pumpkin spice. This amazingly rich adaptogenic blend tastes even better than you can imagine. Compare it to those expensive lattes from the coffee shop and gold pumpkin spice is the clear winner - every time: 


  • theirs has over 350 calories per drink - gold pumpkin spice has just 23. 
  • theirs has around 50 grams of sugar - gold pumpkin spice has zero. 
  • they charge $5 or more - gold pumpkin spice is less than $2.50 per serving.
  • gold pumpkin spice gives you real, lasting nutrition for your entire body - theirs has none. 


It’s not even a contest.

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happiness is a warm mug of gold


Mornings just feel better after a good night’s sleep. With thousands of 5-star reviews, gold is helping people get better rest every night. You’ll love the enticing aroma of these 9 relaxing superfoods blended into a soothing tea. It tastes so good, you’d never believe it has 0 grams of sugar.

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triple chocolate pumpkin spice truffles

triple chocolate pumpkin spice truffles


The combination of chocolate, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice is truly indescribable. They compliment each other so well and the texture of these truffles just put it over the edge. They are smooth, creamy, and decadent as well as healthy, full of protein, and low in sugar.


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stainless steel single-wand frother

stainless steel single-wand frother

Mixing up a deliciously smooth and creamy health drink has never been easier… or looked so good! This classy addition to your kitchen looks sleek and delicate… yet it whips your superfoods into a perfect foam-topped masterpiece that’s pretty enough to post on social media.

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