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🔥 Free Fire Escape 🔥 + watch us break some windows

Email sent: Sep 7, 2020 12:54pm
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Wombat Whistle Accessory Kit
Two Fire Escapes for the price of one?!
For all those working hard and playing hard, Happy Labor Day! A must have for every vehicle, bugout bag or backpack. 
Get a FREE Fire Escape for every Fire Escape you order!
*Not limited by number. Not to be combined with any other offer. Good through 9/21/2020.*
Free Fire Escape? Yes please!
Survival Cache meets Fire Escape!
Survival Cache reviewed the OE Fire Escape in a recent article. Their team of military veterans, firemen, and survivalists know what they're talking about when it comes to reliable products, so we're glad they enjoyed it!
Let's read that review!
7 Free Survival Checklists
Survival Cache is giving away 7 amazing checklists including...
✔️ 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness
✔️ First Aid Supplies
✔️Bug Out Bag Supplies
✔️OTC Medications
✔️Critical Documents
✔️Winter Care Emergency Supplies
✔️Hurricane Preparedness
Free download? Yes!
Survival Cache Newsletter
With an oustanding team of survival pros, we highly recommend you sign up for the Surviva lCache Newsletter! They are here to educate so you're ready for anything that comes your way. You'll receive survival tips, tricks, recommended gear, and be able to have important discussions that can help you prepare!
Be prepared!
Break a window!
Our Fire Escape offers many features, but one of the coolest is our window breakerThis small yet powerful carbide tip on the bottom of our Fire Escape ensures that you can be your own hero when a crisis hits. OE Athlete Mike Mojica shows how to properly aim the Fire Escape and breakthrough windows and seatbelts. Watch as Mike's teenage daughter puts the Fire Escape to the test and breaks a window with ease! 
I want to see it in action!
Beyond the Hunt
Brendon Hill
We would like to recognize Brendon Hill who, with his crew, helped consult with us on the development of the Fire Escape. Brendon is a Firefighter/Paramedic in a Colorado fire department and was just recently named Station Chief of his local volunteer fire department. Brendon is husband to an amazing wife and father to their 3 awesome children. When Brendon isn’t out saving lives, he can be found riding his dirt bike, ice-fishing, cutting down dead trees on his property, or doing something else outdoors with his family. Thanks to Brendon for his service as a first responder and great family man!
Bear Minimum
Remember them from Shark Tank? Us too!
Bear Minimum is an outstanding company who has sought out ways to make cooking on the trail easier and more efficient. Their Bear Bowl can not only cook delicious meals but also fold up and fit into your pocket! We shout out to Cory Santiago and his family for all their great work
Buy a Bear Bowl!
Public Lands Alliance
Ace Hardware
Ace is a best friend to local entrepreneurs. With over 5,000 stores around the world, a majority of those are independently owned and operated by motivated entrepreneurs, like us. We are grateful to have a strong relationship with Ace as they were an early adopter of the Firebiner and currently carry Outdoor Element products. Ace strives to be a helpful place by providing solutions to your hardware needs, giving back to the communities they do business in, and supporting the American Dream. 
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