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Hi friend,

Below is an important message from one of our highly valued sponsors, Choose Yourself Media. Please read it carefully as they have some special information to share with you.

100+ Foolproof Side Hustles

Dear Reader,
James Altucher here.
If you’re reading this, that means you’ve been awarded the opportunity to claim your very own copy of my brand new book, Side Hustle Bible.
I’ve written more than a dozen books on personal finance and wealth building in the years since I sold my first tech company, but none as impactful and easy to use as Side Hustle Bible.

I’ve put aside a copy of this book, just for you when you act to claim it today…

This book is exciting for lots of reasons – 177 to be exact. 

Why that number?
Because in these pages, I reveal 177 ways you can make up to a 6-figure income with a side business.
It’s a start-to-finish guide for multiplying your wealth beyond your wildest dreams. And perhaps most importantly, how to do that on your own terms.
Unlike my other books, you won’t find Side Hustle Bible on the shelves of any bookstore or listed on Amazon.
Why? Because if it was, I couldn’t give it away for what I'm offering today.
The fact is, the biggest fortunes in history – Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, J.D. Rockefeller -– weren’t created by winning the lottery or making 10,000% on a single stock. They were built up over the years by multiple income streams from the businesses they created.
I wrote this book to be a blueprint for ordinary people to climb to new heights of personal wealth.
If I charged for this information, that would only slow you down on your journey. I don’t want anything to stand in your way.
Plus, I don’t really need the money. My books have sold so well over the years that I wanted to do something special with this one.
So for the first time ever, I am giving you the opportunity to claim a copy in a whole new way.
(And exclusively to people who respond to this invitation within 72 hours. Due to high demand, that’s the longest I can keep this offer reserved. First come, first served.)
In these pages, I reveal some of the biggest wealth-building secrets I’ve learned in my 30-year career as a hedge fund manager, tech entrepreneur, and venture capitalist:
  • On page 221, you’ll learn how to create an online course — and earn $23,500 in 45 minutes.
  • On page 197, I’ll show you how to make $2,000 a weekend, from anywhere in the world.
  • And on page 161, you’ll find 10 businesses you can start from home today.
And I don’t just tell you the secrets and send you away… I SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT STEP BY STEP! Side Hustle Bible will never leave you guessing how to apply these techniques. Instead, I show you how to use them in the real world.
Of course, there’s a lot more in this 367-page book than I can fit into one email. And there's more to this offer than just the book. But I’m confident that as soon as you start learning how easy it is to make money outside of a traditional 9-5 job – you’ll devour every page!
Thousands of Americans are already using these secrets to make veritable fortunes. Take the extraordinary story of Trevor Chapman for example.
He turned $200 into $1 million in 92 days. And 90 days later, he had made another $1 million.
He didn’t keep his success to himself though. He shared his secret with his mother Denalee and she now earns $1,000 a day from an online store she started with zero experience, little money, and just 30 days of effort.
People like Trevor are the reason I do what I do. They inspire me to keep writing!
It’s like my friend AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant says:

Quitting my 9–5 job and becoming my own boss was the most liberating thing I ever did. It made me happier and more successful than I ever dreamed. And now I want you to be able to do the same!
All that’s left to do is to learn how to claim your copy of The Side Hustle Bible, today!
James Altucher
P.S. Remember, I can only reserve this offer for 72 hours. If you wait too long, you might always regret missing out on the opportunity to completely change your life – so learn how you can claim your very own copy now.


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