The paysafecard Easter bunny has hidden PINs for you

Email sent: Apr 17, 2019 1:07pm
Find the code word and we will reward you with PINs worth EUR 2,200
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Is there a better way to celebrate Easter than the big paysafecard Easter egg hunt? We can't think of one. Follow our paysafecard Easter bunny - he will lead you to the hidden eggs.

There are code letters on the eggs which when combined make a code word. Enter this on the promotional page by 28 April and you will automatically be entered in the draw! paysafecard PINs totalling EUR 2,200 are waiting in the Easter nest.

You don't have a my paysafecard account yet? - no problem. Just register here and during the promotional period you will get 5,000 PLUS points as a gift. So the hunt can start now!

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