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Best Friends forever and the all new PIlot Custom 74!

Email sent: Jun 10, 2021 1:40pm
Pilot Custom 74 Red, Faber-castell ambition and Pelikan M205 Marble blue
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Dear Pen Family, 
There is a day for everything now. One thing which caught my eye was June 8th, National Best Friends Day! During the pandemic, we were all dependent on our best friend to keep on going on. Be it virtually or at home, best friends kept us sane and motivated. Here’s to best friends for life, who are there to help because they care. 

At Pen Boutique our store is now open Tuesday  - Saturday 10AM - 5PM for walk-ins.  Our store is closed on Mondays.  We are also planning to bring back the events we used to host before the pandemic on Fridays and Saturdays in the coming months, like nib tuning, vendor presentations, and pen club meetings. So stay tuned!

thank you, and KEEP WRITING!



Just Arrived:


Grenadine is a beautiful cross between deep orange and fiery red which is vibrant, bold and powerful. Grenadine evokes playful, engaging, and lively energy – the perfect pen to help your imagination run wild.


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Celebrating Spring and Summer, flowers and woodland creatures and most importantly celebrating the Gnomes that are hidden in this floral paradise.


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New in the Popular Ambition series!  


The world's oceans are our origin, the basis of our existence, and a source of strength and peace. Once you have let your gaze wander over the endless expanse of the ocean, you will forever remember the rhythmic, hypnotic movement of the water, the ebb and flow of the waves and the iridescent nuances of blue.

This unique interplay of shape and color served as inspiration for the latest edition of Ambtion OpArt. The characteristic guilloche pattern of the precious resin barrel brings out the deep-water effect in an exceptionally beautiful way: the grid pattern makes the blue shimmer just like waves through its intertwined shapes.

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The beautiful Pelikan M205 Petrol Marbled is in stock.  This shipment was stuck and it finally arrived!  This pen is absolutely beautiful!

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The Sailor 1911 “Trinity” was more than fate that brought this modern North American exclusive to you, it was written into the code. “Trinity” is elegant and powerful, a renegade amongst other black pens.

Not only is “Trinity” dressed all in stark black, but it was fashioned with elegant black-ion plated trim and nib for ultimate stealth and polished class. 

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USA EXCLUSIVE.  Amazing price for a Sterling Silver premium pen. 


This limited production exclusive has been made using the same jewelers’ techniques that are the signature of the Otto Hutt brand. The design 07 in Gold Trim is made of sterling silver and has been engraved with a honeycomb guilloche pattern, creating movement as the light hits the facets as it glides across the page.

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The fountain pen works with standard ink cartridges. The Kaweco mini converter is available separately.  The writing instruments are anodized and are therefore better protected against scratches.

The Kaweco sport tin box in vibrant violet is included. Make anyone feel special with the fine surface of Al Sport pens.

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Coming Soon:

Only 3 will be allocated to us.  

A special spiritual concept from ancient Japan. 'Wabi' is the feeling in the heart of calmness, of quiet and of simple appearance. 'Sabi' is the visual beauty of things, humble, unconventional, and unrefined - The beauty of Ageing and the continuous cycle of Life.

The Wabi Sabi by Sailor is made of Ebonite with Urushi coating where each piece is painstakingly designed using the “Irogasane Sabinuri” technique to give each pen that rough texture yet polished appearance and a bit of metallic sheen.

The Fuji Shunkei series features a lineup of new fountain pens inspired by the seasonal scenery of Mount Fuji. Scenic views pair well with beautiful Japanese words. The breathtaking landscapes coupled with the depth of the words create a stunning world view. The goal of the Fuji Shunkei series is to express such a view through designs of fountain pens. We aim at creating a new value through innovative ways of expression.

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