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Featured on Shopify + TWSBI price raises tomorrow.

Email sent: Apr 29, 2021 2:42pm
New Sailor Nebula, TWSBI price raise.
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Dear Pen Family,

I am back to work and I think the few days of rest I got really did wonders! I received some beautiful handwritten notes, and I am so thankful to have such caring and amazing customers!

This week was also a grim reminder that COVID is not behind us. The situation in India is bad, and our thoughts and prayers are with the people there as they battle a terrible outbreak. Hopefully, with all assistance, they will be able to slow the virus and see better days. My various pen friends in India - please take care and I am praying for you every day.

Some weeks ago I mentioned that I was interviewed by Shopify. They have now published the blog , and stay tuned for the video release. If you scroll down to Pen Boutique or use Ctrl+F to look for it on the page, you can see the Pen Boutique blog post.

Mother's Day and Graduation season are fast approaching, and we're keeping busy planning and getting ready. 


thank you and KEEP WRITING, 




PS: Today is also the last day to order TWSBI Eco and TWSBI Diamond 580 for the old price.  Prices are going up tomorrow ( it was delayed by a day).  So do take advantage of this!


Just Arrived:

Discovered 10 years ago and about 1,000 light-years away within our Milky Way, the Wreath Nebula is a giant cloud of gas and dust visible in the night sky as a distant bright blue-green patch.

Pretty popular this limited edition we were able to get only in limited quantities due to the high demand. 

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The color selection of the unique resins were created by mixing a multitude of colors to focus on the architectural shapes which create a vivid and energizing effect.

The MVP (Monteverde Pocket Pen) is highly versatile and a perfect match to a jean’s pocket, a purse, an agenda or a desk.

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Machined to perfection using a mixture of steel and aluminum, the Ritma boasts a streamlined design from magnetic cap top to back post, perfect for those who prefer a well-balanced and heavyweight pen.

Also do not forget the set!  It is a unique one with the matching ink !

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The bright yellow petals and brown center of Maryland’s state flower, the Black-Eyed Susan, inspired this multi-colored ink. Its unique formula allows for shading to be as dark as the flower’s center, or as light as the petals themselves.

When one thinks of Alaska, what comes to mind? Snow, ice and a sea of glaciers! 30,000 square miles of glaciers, the greatest concentration in America, reside right by Alaska. Their icy, brilliant blue hues inspired this vibrant Alaska ink.

Eye catching and dynamic, PARKER Urban Twist Ballpoint Pens deliver a boldly modern look that dares to be noticed. With its curved silhouette and improved weight, you enjoy a perfectly balanced writing experience that complements your style.

This PARKER ballpoint pen features a muted black lacquer finish accented with striking chrome trim and shell. Retracting with a twist, the ballpoint tip and Quinkflow ink ensure an exceptionally smooth and reliable writing experience. Designed with flowing curves, the Urban Twist Ballpoint Pens inspire confidence behind every word.

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Their extremely comfortable feel and logically functional features – which also correspond to those of the hardcover – are exemplary in terms of design, functionality and quality.  These notebooks are amazing and have grid as well as dotted lines and is super fountain pen friendly paper.  It also has bookmarker, pocket in the back cover as well as a pen loop!  And it comes in beautiful different colors. 

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Pre Order tomorrow!

Presale starts on April 30th - will ship on May 7th

This year's TWSBI Eco is in and it is the Lilac color.  It will be a great 2021 release to add to your TWSBI Eco lineup!
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Last Batch Arrived:

Sailor's original 21K nib is more flexible than a 14K or 18K nib and prevents ink from skipping. The ring with Black Ion plating sets off the color of the body.  This is the King of Pen ( KOP ) nib - Ruthenium plated ( first time!)

The packaging contains luminous shadow fountain pen 1 pc, Serviced cartridge ink (black) 2pcs, Ink converter for the fountain pen (Black IP 1 pc/installed in the body), cleaning cloth 1 pc, instruction manual 1 pc.

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Coming Soon:

Dynamic, flowing and elegantly streamlined, the Waterman Hémisphère Fountain Pen provides the perfect balance of lightweight writing comfort and style that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Each pen is made up of 17 individual pieces that are hand assembled and checked for flawless quality, every intricate detail is skillfully executed to bring style and sophistication to every writing occasion. Does not come with a converter - can be purchased separately.

Which one do you like? (Choose your color)

Stainless Steel




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