Desperately Seeking Susan

You: half drunk smile, Pit Vipers, jorts. Me: the one staring at you from behind the trash can next to Arby's. Sorry. I got nervous.

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You: half drunk smile, Pit Vipers, jorts. Me: the one staring at you from behind the trash can next to Arby's. Sorry. I got nervous.
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Mar 1  knight in shining snapback 

This is a long shot, but we met last weekend in the TJ Maxx parking lot. You helped me fend off that pack of seagulls when I dropped my curly fries. Our hands touched as we were scooping them off the pavement to put back in my purse. Kicking myself for not getting ur number. 

Feb 28  dominos delivery guy

u brought me 2 medium pizzas tuesday night. u complimented my nose ring, but i was way too nervous to say thnx. u looked rlly cute, respond with my toppings so i know its u?

Feb 27 yard sale babe

We made eye contact a few times at the yard sale on 33rd last Saturday. As I watched you count the cards in that Fruit Loops promotional card deck marked 75 cents, I wanted to scream out, "Maybe I'm the King you're looking for!" Actually, I did, but you had your headphones in so you didn't hear me. 

Feb 26 missed connection the 

the new airport is so confusing, I missed my flight from ATL to DEN. I'd like to book a new one, no checked bags. Thank you - Greg

Feb 24  Extra Large Hunk

Me: MILF with the barking dogs and garden gnome underneath my doorbell. You: Insanely hot guy delivered my Domino's pizza last night. Absolutely stunning. Strong arms. But the gentlest of eyes. I couldn't see much more on account of the mask. Give me a call, so I can find out whats underneath it. 

Feb 23 sexy tinder girl

Hey its Adam! We matched on Tinder a while back, your name was Maya. I think your account got deleted or something before you could give me your number. Would love to chat some time. xx  

Feb 23 naughty pirate lookin 4 treasure

You know what they say. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

Feb 22 has anyone seen the new pizza boy? 

Those khakis are so tight I could see his religion. Good lord, if that boy farted too hard he'd blow his boots off! I'm tellin y'all I've been on this earth damn near 84 years and I've NEVER seen an ass like the one that trotted down my back porch stairs last night! Whew chile! What are they feeding you kids these days? Thanks for making an old lady feel young again. Don't be a stranger. Come back for round two anytime sweetie, you know where I live. xoxo Beatrice


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