Pixum photo service provider - UK
Pixum photo service provider - UK

Top Tips on Your Travel Book

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Design a perfect travel book with our tips! | Pixum. It's easy. It's fun.
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Feeling creative? How about making your own travel guide about your favourite place on Earth? Read our time-proven tips on how to make one and get creative!
Go Get Creative
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Less is More
Pick the shots with the best quality - the best quality check is to zoom in and view the details. Now, make sure to have a good mixture of panoramic shots, photos of details and portraits or selfies. Remember, that the character of the place is often hidden in the small things. 
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Write About Your Experience
A picture is worth a 1000 words? It is, but adding your own travel stories will only make your book to a true gem. Check our free book templates that will save your time!
Go Discover
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Show Your Travel Route
Add a map to show your travel route, mark the stops and even add your own photos as pins. Add it on the back cover to always have these details at a glance while you browse through your travel memories, page by page.
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Have fun and unleash your creativity with Pixum!
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