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What if you were DONE working on technique...

It's the dream, right?

Instead of thinking about HOW to hit the ball, you could think about WHERE to hit the ball.

High level players have FINISHED their technique. During the point they're not thinking about their serve toss or the follow through on their backhand...

They're thinking about where to hit the ball and how to setup patterns to win the point.

There is a low ceiling for how good you can get if your technique is under construction...

There's just no way you can think about how and where to hit the ball at the same time.

If you've been playing tennis for years, taken hundreds of tennis lessons, and you're STILL working on technique...

Something is very wrong.

Please listen to me when I say this... 

It doesn't take 5 years to learn how to hit a high-level serve or develop a consistent backhand.

In fact, Nate and I have taken junior players from beginners to division I college athletes in that same amount of time...

It's not about how much time you spend on the court, it's about what you do with that time that determines whether or not you improve.

Now before you go blaming your coach on your unfinished technique, let's talk about the big problem with your average tennis lesson, and it's not your coach's fault. 

You take a lesson once or maybe twice a week and you work on your technique, but it's certainly not done...

And you're playing with your friends Tuesday night or maybe you have a league match this weekend.

When you walk on the court for these matches you care about two things and two things only...

Winning and not embarrassing yourself...

And there's nothing more embarrassing than double faulting over and over again because you're not used to your new toss or missing every return because you're working on your new backhand.

So what do you do?

You revert right back to your old ways and that is the start of a terribly vicious cycle.

Every week in your lesson you make a little bit of progress and then you undo it all again before the next lesson.

Sadly, practice doesn't make perfect, it makes PERMANENT...

And each week you're actually getting further away from finishing your technique as you reinforce the same bad stroke mechanics you're trying to fix in your lessons.

As a result you've taken hundreds of lessons over the course of several years and you haven't really improved at all.

Does this sound like you?

If so we get it and trust me, you are not alone. This vicious cycle is why 95% of players will never finish their technique or play above a 3.5 skill level. 

So how do we break this cycle and finish our technique once and for all?

That's where Nate and I come in.

We're not magicians, but we have a proven method to break this cycle and finish your technique in 6 months or less, guaranteed.

Our coaching starts with slow motion video analysis of your strokes.

Most tennis coaches don't have access to slow motion video technology, so they are forced to try and diagnose your technique from across the net, nearly 40 feet away.

The best tennis coaches in the world, with the best vision in the world, can't possibly spot the small problem areas in your strokes from this distance...

So instead they are forced to treat symptoms versus uncover the actual problems in your technique that can only be revealed on slow motion video.

The second major difference between our coaching and your average tennis lesson is that we custom fit you with strokes based on your body's strengths and limitations.

Most coaches want you to hit the ball the way they hit the ball. 

Instead of custom fitting you with a jacket, they want you to wear something right off the rack and sometimes...

It just doesn't fit quite right.

Your strength, mobility, flexibility, foot speed and a number of other factors all play a role in choosing the stroke mechanics that are most natural and effective for YOU.

If you train with the wrong coach you'll feel like you're trying to jam a square peg into a round hole because you're forcing technique that just isn't right for your body.

To give you a simple example: not everyone is supposed to hit the Nadal forehand.

No two strokes are the same and while there are certainly key aspects you need to master to have sound technique, you have to make your strokes your own.

So... first we examine your strokes under slow motion video analysis and show you what we see...

We then analyze a number of factors to help custom fit you with your new strokes...

And then it's time to build muscle memory.

Getting this last step correct is the secret to making sure your new technique sticks once and for all.

In an hour lesson a coach can typically get you to feel "correct" technique... 

But that doesn't go very far if you're unable to recreate that same feeling by yourself in a match.

What's different about our coaching is that we don't start with thousands of reps forcing your body to memorize something you don't really understand...

Instead we walk you through step by step progressions so you see exactly how your stroke is built.

In other words you're actually LEARNING how to hit the ball, not just memorizing it. 

When we're done you will understand your stroke progressions so intimately that you could teach them to someone else.

Not only will you understand what correct feels like, but you will know how to recreate that same feeling when things start to fall apart under pressure.

The obvious value here is that when your stroke breaks down in a match you can now self-correct rather than reverting back to old habits.

Remember, practices make PERMANENT, so the key to finishing your technique is to put in good reps every time you play and not reinforce bad habits.

After we work with you, you still have to put in the reps for your strokes to become automatic...

But now you finally have a plan to break this relapse cycle and every time you step on the court you're one day closer to finishing your technique. 

If this sounds good and you want us to help you finish your technique once and for all, we'd love to work with you. Here are the details...

The night before we get on court together here in Virginia Beach, VA you'll have dinner with Nate and I and we'll talk in depth about you and your tennis game...

Physical limitations, strengths, weaknesses, how you hold up under pressure - we'll discuss it all so we have all the info we need heading into our training session.

The following morning we'll start with a quick warm-up and then we'll analyze every one of your strokes in slow motion video.

We'll talk about and most importantly show you the mistakes you're making in slow-mo, and then start to custom fit you with strokes based on your game and body.

By the end of day 1 you will have a clear vision (and actual video footage) of what we're working towards with each stroke.

In the morning session on Day 2 we run you through simple progressions that show you exactly how your stroke is built.

By lunch you will understand what your new strokes feel like and more importantly, you'll know exactly how to recreate that same feeling completely on your own...

There is truly no better feeling than knowing how to fix what's wrong and this is typically the "a ha moment" for most of our students in these private VIP coaching sessions.

In the afternoon session, you're finally ready for some reps and we'll start to build that muscle memory with your brand new strokes.

Remember, we are not magicians.

After our two days on court together, you will still need to put in a ton of reps for your new strokes to become automatic...

But if you come train with us for two days and follow the action plan we build for you...

We guarantee your strokes will be finished in 6 months or less. 

We normally only work with 1 student a month in this capacity, but quite frankly we're craving more human interaction and we had to cancel a lot of our group workshops earlier this year due to COVID, so we have decided to open up 4 more slots in the next 2 months.

Because we're announcing these dates so last minute, we are knocking $1,000 off our normal price of $5,997 and accepting students on a first come, first serve basis. The final all-in discounted price is $4,997 and includes all of the following:

- 10 total hours of on-court coaching with Scott & Nate
- Video analysis of every stroke
- Recordings of your video analysis sessions
- Custom fitting of each stroke based on your game and body
- 6 month technique action plan
- Private cocktail hour and welcome dinner with Scott & Nate
- 2 private clinic lunches with Scott & Nate
- Lifetime access to PlayYourCourt PLUS membership
- A 100% money-back guarantee that your technique will be finished in 6 months or less

Take a second to think about how many dollars and hours you've spent on your tennis game trying to finish your technique to date...

5 years? 10 years? more?

Thousands of dollars in private lessons, clinics, and leagues? Tens of thousands?

For most players this is a fraction of what you've already spent trying to fix your technique and the best part is the results are guaranteed.

If you come to VB, train with us, follow our 6 month action plan, and you're not completely satisfied with your results?

We will refund your money in full. 

We are that confident in our coaching and ability to finish your technique.

If you're interested, simply fill out the form linked below and we will review students on a first come first serve basis.

You probably have questions about the training, travel, hotel, etc, so once you fill out the form linked below, I'll personally call you to answer any questions and secure your spot.

Click here to sign up for our Finish Your Technique Private Training!

Hopefully we'll have the chance to work with you soon!

- Scott


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