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Dropping Today: Playboy NFTs

Email sent: May 4, 2021 3:16pm
The (digital) event of the season is here—an art auction like you’ve never seen before. This is your chance to grab a one-of-a-kind Playboy art piece.
Want to join the fun? Set an alarm for today at 3:30pm PT, and then at the beep beep beep head on over to the collection. Titled Liquid Summer, the six piece collection of NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” comes from the imagination of digital collage artist Slimesunday, and features original, liquid-themed photography from the Playboy Archives.
If you haven’t created your Nifty Gateway account yet, now’s your chance. But you might want to hurry—we don’t expect these pieces to last long.
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Time Until Drop
The Playboy Cover Auction
The last and final piece of the collection, the first digital PLAYBOY cover ever to be sold, is set apart from the rest. Only one of these will be sold.
Titled One Satoshi, this piece is a reimagined version of PLAYBOY’s iconic April 1973 cover featuring Playmate Lenna Sjööblom, known as the “First Lady of the Internet.”
The auction for this NFT begins at 3:30pm, PT. The bidding will continue for 24 hours.
Good luck.
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Wait—What Are NFTs?
Pleasure Seeking in a New Medium
Buying a NFT is akin to buying a physical painting—it means you own that art work. You can then sell it, display it, hold onto it like an asset, or whatever else you’d like. And just like how many Monet reproductions exist, people can still make copies of the digital work. But you will have the digital original, so to speak. You will own it.
How does this work?
Not to get too technical, but NFTs are stored on a blockchain (you know, that Bitcoin stuff). Specifically in this case, the Ethereum blockchain. This gives the art a unique, undisputed identifier. Purchasing the art passes the “keys” to you, giving you a never-ending proof of ownership. AND, both you and the original artist will receive residuals from all secondary sales.
It’s a bold new world out there—especially digitally. Playboy is happy to invite you along this wild journey with us.
Get yours while you can.
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