Immunity for the New Normal

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Immunity for the New Normal

As we find ourselves moving toward the “new normal,” it is becoming apparent that worries regarding immunity and staying healthy will continue to linger. Long-term concerns about immunity are different than temporarily boosting immunity on an occasional basis. Most supplements are designed to elevate the immune system on an acute basis to fight off an impending illness or possible exposure. Boosting immunity in the short-term can be great if you are coming down with something, but can cause problems if the immune system is provoked for long periods of time. The ability of both the innate and adaptive immune systems to quickly respond depends on a variety of factors, including diet, sleep, age, medications, and general health. There’s one more element too: new studies are finding a close link between core gut architecture (the actual anatomy of the gut) and innate immunity. In fact, 80% of our immune system is embedded in the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.

Rather than keeping the immune system artificially elevated for long periods of time, it is better to lay the foundation for immune and gut health through healthy lifestyle choices and strong gut architecture.  

Previlli is an all-new approach to immunity and gut health that supports overall gut health and lays the foundation .*

It contains the following standout ingredients:

  • PreforPro® encourages the growth of good bacteria and helps weed out bad bacteria. It also improves the efficacy of probiotics. Amazingly, this prebiotic starts working in just a few hours, so it can provide a quick boost to gut and immune health.*

  • Immunell™ supports cellular regeneration, reinforces gut barrier function, and improves immune response.*

  • Plant-based peptides support a healthy and balanced immune response and strengthen core gut architecture. *

  • Immune-loving polyphenols regulate important immune markers and act against harmful bacteria to boost immunity.*

  • Vitamin D has a powerful dual function that supports both gut and immune health. Vitamin D and its receptors regulate the innate immune response to the microbiome.*

  • Selenium intake protects the microbiota during intestinal distress and dysfunction.*
New gut. New you.
Previlli™ is a game-changing, science-based formula that focuses on the root cause of an unhappy gut: the structure of the gut itself.*

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