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👄 Do White Teeth 🦷 Really Make A Difference?

30% Off Teeth Whitener System and Gels 💥 Your teeth are showing. They're judging. Change that!

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30% Off Teeth Whitener System and Gels 💥 Your teeth are showing. They're judging. Change that!
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Your teeth are showing. They’re judging.

Imagine this…you’ve been invited to a big party with a lot of influential people. You don’t even know how you got on the list (seriously!) but you’re excited to meet people. You get all dressed up and finally the big day has come. You walk in the door and a beautiful woman comes up to greet you. She smiles and…her teeth are super yellow and dingy.

Your first thought is…

Seriously, you don’t even have to say it out loud. I will! Your first thought was a bit judgemental. It’s ok - you're HUMAN! 

Yup, right or wrong, we humans are judging people all day long.  And worse yet, we’re judging ourselves. Which is why having white and healthy teeth has never been more important.

Did you know that people with great smiles are viewed as more financially stable, professionally successful, happy, younger-looking, trustworthy, healthy, and intelligent?

And it starts with white and healthy teeth. 

The good news is, a bright, white smile has never been easier. And I’m not talking about those toxic whitening strips that leave your teeth and gums feeling sensitive and painful.

The Primal Life Organics Real White LED Whitening System is all you need for whiter, healthier teeth. Powered by RED and BLUE LED lights, combined with our patented natural, peroxide-free whitening gel, your teeth will be stain-free, whiter, and healthier within as short as a few uses!

Our secret is using the LED lights with the natural whitening gel. Made with hydroxyapatite (HAp), Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP), white activated charcoal, clay, and olive oil with essential oils, it eliminates the stains on your teeth while protecting and remineralizing the outer layer of enamel.

That means stronger, healthier teeth with a whiter smile.

Been on the fence on whether you should get it or not?

I get it. It’s a big investment - but if you’re using those toxic whitening strips, you’re literally spending 20 times as much (actually WAY more) as the Real White LED Whitening System. Because that’s how Big Cosmo works. Sure your teeth are whiter, but your enamel is being worn away by the peroxide, so your teeth are actually more prone to staining and the thinner your enamel gets, the less white your teeth get over time. Which means buying more and more whitening strips, spending more money - and the downward cycle continues.

With the Real White LED whitening System, you have it for life. So even if you run out of the natural whitening gel and don’t want to buy more, the LED Whitening system will STILL keep your smile bright and white!

Best part of all - if you don’t absolutely love it and find yourself winking in the mirror every time you check out your beautiful pearly whites - just return it to us within 30 days for a full refund!
That’s how much we believe in our products.  But don’t take it from us… here’s what a few of our clients have said:

Really whitens!

This system really whitens your teeth. I saw improvement after the very first session. -Schuyler K.

My Teeth Feel Happier

After just the first use, my teeth felt different. I noticed they feel stronger and are less sensitive. I've always had good hygiene but for some reason my teeth struggled... sensitivity, discoloration on my teeth along my gum lines, enamel erosion...

This device is not only making my teeth more vibrant, but cleaner and stronger as well. I've tried many other different products and expensive toothpastes, it's nice to find something that actually works. - Sarah

Really works well, not just to whiten, but strengthen

I am amazed at how well this works. I’ve used Ora wellness healthy mouth blend for years and have good checkups at the dentist. I got this whitening system and the gel that comes with it. I haven’t been to the dentist in a year due to the pandemic. So I had some plaque for sure. After only a couple of times using this thing, my teeth feel so clean, no plaque, and now it’s been over a month using it and my teeth look whiter for sure. Not fake white, just white. But the remineralization is noticeable. My teeth feel stronger, very vital. This is worth the money. - Emily N,

Ready to finally get your teeth white and healthy for life? You’re in luck! If you buy them now, you’ll get 30% off your purchase!

But hurry, this promotion ends August 15th!

*No coupon needed.  Cannot be combined with any other discounts.  Does not apply to the subscription option.  The sale ends on 08/15/22.

Image of V3 Real White Teeth Whitening System
V3 Real White Teeth Whitening System

Image of Teeth Whitening Gel Pods- 10 Treatments with Hydroxyapatite
Teeth Whitening Gel Pods- 10 Treatments with Hydroxyapatite

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Red light? Blue light? Or both? Brush up (pun intended) on your oral health knowledge today on the blog.

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