The Best Writing Articles from April

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The Best Writing Articles from April.
The Best Writing Articles from April

Here at ProWritingAid, our goal is to help you become a better writer—no matter what you're writing! So, we've gathered the best guides, resource lists and writing exercises that we published on our blog in April to help you hone your craft. 
  • Educators, you'll find our run-down of the best tools for online learning, as assessed by real teachers
  • Freelancers, check out the infographic guide to starting (or boosting) your freelance writing business
  • Fiction writers, bring your characters to life with our 5 tips to write characters your reader will love, and
  • Everyone can find their new favorite read in our list of 8 fantastic books by women.
Keep reading to pick up some useful writing tips and tricks to take into May. 

Happy writing!
5 Fun Writing Exercises to Help You Craft Amazing Characters

No matter how fascinating your plot or magical your world, your readers won’t engage if you don’t have compelling characters.

Characters drive your story forward. They are how readers relate to your story because they see parts of themselves or people they know in them. Your characters need personality traits and flaws, motivations, secrets, and more.

Here are five creative ways to develop strong, compelling characters.

3 Effective Strategies to Help Students Expand Their Sentences

It’s frustrating trying to get students away from their over-reliance on simple sentences when teaching writing. Attempts to get students to expand their sentences can result in them awkwardly adding long lists of adjectives.

So how can you help your students not only expand their sentences, but do so effectively? These tips aren’t just simple activity ideas. Instead, they help you think of fresh ways to teach sentence writing, so your students can be purposeful and make changes for impact rather than just adding more words.

Rethink how you teach expanded sentences with these 3 easy strategies.

Making Money as a Freelancer: Everything You Need In One Infographic

Have you ever sat back and wondered what it takes to build a writing career in 2021?

What are the top ways to earn money as a writer in 2021, and how much can you realistically expect to make?

In this infographic, the Expert Editor dives into current salaries, case-studies, organizations to target and more. 

If you want to boost (or even start) your writing career, check out these tips.

8 Great Books to Celebrate Women's History Month All Year Round

March was Women’s History Month. If you’re like us, you might have been inspired to read about some amazing women.

But why should we only celebrate female authors and trailblazers one month of the year?

Here is a round-up of eight great fiction and non-fiction books to celebrate women’s history all year round.

Our Favorite Google Extensions, Apps, and Add-ons to Make Teaching Easier

With so much virtual schooling due to the pandemic, Google Classroom has become one of the top learning management systems. But are you using the power of Google to its full potential?

There are so many Google or Google-supported apps, extensions, and add-ons that can make teaching, whether online or in person, so much easier.

Here are twelve of our favorites.

How to Navigate the Four Stages of Book Editing: A Professional Editor's Guide

It takes a great number of aspects to bring about a well-written, engaging, and interesting manuscript. Aside from the actual writing, a key part of the creation process is your editing.

Editing is a little tricky in the beginning. However, in time, you’ll be able to hone your craft, improve your writing, become adept at self-editing, and succeed as an author in your field.

Professional editor JoEllen Nordström discusses the four stages of editing so you can plan accordingly.

How Imitation in Writing Can Become the Sincerest Form of Originality

Remember when you were a baby? Me neither.

Still, I know how I must have first learned language: through imitation. We develop language by copying others.

Writing isn't all that different. We writers learn and improve by imitating other writers.

The question is, how do we go from imitation to originality? How do we borrow inspiration from other works and make it our own?

In this article, we’ll examine some ways to do it.

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