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PRWeb Daily Digest for - - on Monday, July 25, 2022

  Miniature Moments – A Journey through Hallmark® Keepsake Ornaments Featuring Nearly 7,000 Ornaments Opens inside Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Nov. 20, 2022
Members receive special preview Nov. 19
  Dr. Paul Vitenas Named Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Houston
Modern Luxury Magazine Has Included Dr. Vitenas In Their List of Leading Health Providers
  Regroup Mass Notification Receives 2022 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award
Industry leader in cloud-based mass notification recognized for continuing innovation, product excellence, and its mission to keep people safe and informed.
  National University Receives $4 Million Grant from Health Resources and Services Administration
National University Nurse Managed Clinic awarded HRSA grant to expand mobile health delivery to underserved communities.
  Red Arrow Diner Partners with Manchester Historic Association, Continues 100th Anniversary Discounts and Local Business Recognitions
The Red Arrow Diner is continuing its year-long celebration of 100 years of operation in Manchester. It has partnered with the Manchester Historic Association (MHA) to create a commemorative 100th anniversary pewter ornament with Steel Berry in Vermont. Starting in August, the ornaments will be available for purchase through the MHA, at each of the Red Arrow Diner’s four locations in Manchester, Concord, Londonderry, and Nashua, and on the Red Arrow Diner’s website.
  HashCash Aims to Contribute to the Global CBDC Wave with CBDC Consulting Services
HashCash acknowledges the potential of mainstream CBDC adoption and plans to offer advisory and consulting services for CBDC Development.
  InstantGMP Inc. Named One of Year's Best GMP Software Solutions
InstantGMP Inc. stands along side other notable companies as a leader in GMP software solutions.
  Boston researcher Ramachandran selected to be inaugural dean of The University of Texas School of Public Health San Antonio
Vasan Ramachandran, MD, a distinguished public health researcher at Boston University and principal investigator of the Framingham Heart Study, has been named founding dean of The University of Texas School of Public Health San Antonio. The new school is a strategic collaboration of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UT Health San Antonio) and The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and is one of three schools of public health in The University of Texas System.
  Monster Energy’s Felix Prangenberg Claims BMX Street Silver on Day Three of X Games 2022
Monster Energy congratulates team rider Felix Prangenberg on claiming the silver medal in BMX Street on the third day of X Games 2022 in Vista, California.
  Monster Energy Riders Sweep Podium in BMX Park Best Trick on Day Four of X Games 2022
Monster Energy congratulates its team of BMX and skateboarding athletes on claiming medals in key events on day four of X Games 2022 in Vista, California.
  Monster Energy’s Kieran Woolley Claims Skate Park Gold on Day 5 of X Games 2022
Monster Energy congratulates its skateboard athletes on bringing home three medals, including one gold, on the fifth day of X Games 2022 in Vista, California.
  New Book Highlights Effects from Mass Lockdowns and the Power of Prayer
Author demonstrates the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on family relationships
  Learn the Real Secrets of Living a Joy-Filled Marriage From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way
Xulon Press presents a teaching for anyone seeking a successful marriage – a must-have book for the already married or those preparing for marriage.
  From Tragedy to Triumph: An Enthralling and Relatable Autobiography
Xulon Press presents a powerful testimony inspiring anyone trying to navigate through trauma or tragedy.
  New Children’s Book Takes Man’s Best Friend to the Beach
Xulon Press presents a book for children and the adults who love them.
  How Do You Show God’s Love to Those Marginalized by Typical Religion?
Xulon Press presents a guide to controversial love.
  Alan Gedde’s newly released “Unless the Lord: A book about trusting the Lord through Psalm 127” is an engaging examination of God’s sovereignty
“Unless the Lord: A book about trusting the Lord through Psalm 127” from Christian Faith Publishing author Alan Gedde is an enjoyable celebration of God’s promise that examines the author’s personal experiences and God’s word.
  Cristina Dokter’s newly released “Toby the Great” is an action-packed adventure in the California desert that finds three dogs in an unexpected situation
“Toby the Great” from Christian Faith Publishing author Cristina Dokter is an enjoyable juvenile fiction that tells the story of a heroic rescue mission when the new family pet disappears early one morning.
  Hester Worlledge’s newly released “Pearls” is an enjoyable collection of faith-based stories that carry important life lessons
“Pearls” from Christian Faith Publishing author Hester Worlledge is a thoughtful discussion of familiar biblical stories and reflections on life that will encourage and motivate.
  Dr. Hurley R. Shortt’s newly released “The Secret of Loving Everyone Even Our Enemies: An Essay on Love” is an encouraging message of hope
“The Secret of Loving Everyone Even Our Enemies: An Essay on Love” from Christian Faith Publishing author Dr. Hurley R. Shortt is an uplifting message of the power of agape love and how one can differentiate between who someone is and what someone does.
  Erica N. Bryant’s newly released “Dwell: Living Life Fully Knowing that the Holy Spirit Lives in You” is an engaging message of strength and healing through faith
“Dwell: Living Life Fully Knowing that the Holy Spirit Lives in You” from Christian Faith Publishing author Erica N. Bryant is a thoughtful exploration of overcoming past traumas to live fully in the present through awareness and appreciation for the Holy Spirit.
  Author Shawny Reiner’s new book “Buddy the Tortoise's Great Exploration Day!” introduces a spunky, adventurous tortoise who loves to explore and meet new friends.
Recent release “Buddy the Tortoise's Great Exploration Day!” from Page Publishing author Shawny Reiner is a delightful children’s story that follows Buddy the Tortoise as he encounters a slew of potential friends.
  Author Marty Z. Khan, EdD’s new book “Losing Weight: A Common-Sense Approach” is a no-nonsense guide to achieving a healthier lifestyle through educated food choices.
Recent release “Losing Weight: A Common-Sense Approach” from Page Publishing author Marty Z. Khan, EdD is an educational work aimed at educating readers on lifestyle and nutritional habits that are easy to adopt to help promote weight loss. Through his years of experience with travel and nutrition, Khan creates a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the confusing processes of losing weight.
  Author Andre Parker’s new book “Interviewing Granddad” is a compelling novel that follows the twenty-four hours that Arthur Parts spends with his grandfather.
Recent release “Interviewing Granddad” from Page Publishing author Andre Parker is an engaging novel that introduces Arthur Parts, a young man who has already lost a few loved ones and is terrified he might forget his grandfather.
  Author Douglas A. Rouillard’s new book “Don’t Just Dream it… Do It!” is aimed to encourage readers to not be fearful of going after one's dreams despite the difficulties
Recent release “Don’t Just Dream it… Do It!” from Page Publishing author Douglas A. Rouillard is a moving and thought-provoking self-help guide to chasing one's dreams no matter what might stand in the way. Inspired by the author's own life of finding his own success, Rouillard discusses the common reasons why people keep themselves from pursuing their dreams and how to overcome these hurdles.
  Leah Kernan’s new book “Magic Darling” is a delightful children’s book for young readers to learn all about horses and what life on a small farm is like
Recent release “Magic Darling” from Page Publishing author Leah Kernan is a cheerful children’s tale that follows a newborn horse named Magic Darling as she learns how to be a horse and life on a Texas farm.
  Author Benjamin Sanford’s new book “The Chronicles of Arax” is an epic battle against the terrorizing return of the gargoyles.
Recent release “The Chronicles of Arax” from Page Publishing author Benjamin Sanford is the compelling story of man heading into battle against the gargoyles. When an unlikely group band together against the gargoyles, they may be the heroes their people need.
  Author Mark Darko’s new book “Who's Troubling Africa? Memoirs of the 2002 Uprising in Côte d’Ivoire” discusses this pivotal, landmark time in African history
Recent release “Who's Troubling Africa? Memoirs of the 2002 Uprising in Côte d’Ivoire” from Page Publishing author Mark Darko is an insightful analysis of this moment in history from the firsthand perspective of the author.
  Author Ella G. Nakos’s new book “Pride Leader!” is a meaningful story about a lion’s journey pursuing his dream of becoming the leader of his tribe
Recent release “Pride Leader!” from Page Publishing author Ella G. Nakos is a compelling story that introduces King, a small cub from the East Savanna lion tribe. King enjoys spending his days playing with his brothers and friends until he begins to experience constant bullying from Abioye, another lion cub and the son of their tribe’s Pride Leader.
  Author Pauli Rose Libsohn's new book "Penelope's New Bed," is an adorable story about a little girl named Penelope, who graduates from her crib to a grown-up bed
Recent release “Penelope’s New Bed” from Page Publishing author Pauli Rose Libsohn, is an easy-to-read children’s book that tells how a little girl moves from a crib to a very special grown-up bed. Parents can read this book to children as an incentive, when the child changes from a crib to a bed
  Author R.A. Carbajal’s new book “The Blade, the Beginning” is a captivating novel about two families who are irrevocably connected by a fighting knife
Recent release “The Blade, the Beginning” from Page Publishing author R.A. Carbajal is an intriguing tale that centers around two families who are irrevocably connected by a fighting knife. They go through history unaware of their binding ties that lead them from one conflict to another.
  Author Kathleen Hyland’s new book “Max” is a heartwarming children’s story that follows Katie and her cat, Max, as their friendship grows stronger every day
Recent release “Max” from Page Publishing author Kathleen Hyland is an engaging children’s story about the deep, meaningful relationship between Katie and her loveable cat, Max.
  Author Amneh’s new book “Hidden Secrets” is a realistic tale about the struggles of an ordinary girl going through extraordinary challenges
Recent release “Hidden Secrets” from Page Publishing author Amneh is about a teenager named Maria who must determine what she can and cannot change in her life—and make the most out of the things that are yet to come. As the story progresses, readers are taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride.
  Author Alvin Scales III’s new book “A Young World Drawn to the Gun” is about America’s youngest problem: young people engaging in gun violence
Recent release “A Young World Drawn to the Gun” from Page Publishing author Alvin Scales III gives an in-depth look at how and why young people are being drawn to guns and how and why gun violence is progressing in this country.
  Mark Luttenberger’s new book “The Mediterranean Sea From Alexander To The Rise Of Rome” is an intriguing read on the history of the areas surrounding the Mediterranean
Recent release “The Mediterranean Sea From Alexander To The Rise Of Rome” from Page Publishing author Mark Luttenberger is an educational and informative read discussing the history including the environmental, political, socioeconomic, and military life of the inhabitants that surrounded the Mediterranean Sea.
  The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Hosts Annual Convention in the Central Hub of Healthcare & Research
Opportunity for education and collaboration brings naturopathic medicine to the forefront of conversation in Spokane.
  Peron takes first professional win at GP Kranj in Slovenia
Team Novo Nordisk's Italian sprinter Andrea Peron brings home his first professional win at GP Kranj
  Now available from Aniara Diagnostica: LIAPHEN™ Protein C, Immuno-turbidimetric method for the in vitro quantitative determination of Protein C antigen
Aniara Diagnostica is pleased to announce the availability of Liaphen™ Protein C, an Immuno-turbidimetric method for the in vitro quantitative determination of Protein C antigen in human citrated plasma, using a manual and automated method.
  Lamborghini of Austin Has an Ultra Rare McLaren for Sale Now
Lamborghini of Austin has an ultra-rare limited production 2019 McLaren 720s Luxury for sale at the dealership
  Expert Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service Now Available at Glendale Nissan
Dealership in Glendale Heights, IL, is now offering the Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service at a Reasonable Price.
  GoNetspeed continues construction of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network in Cumberland and York Counties
GoNetspeed (formerly OTELCO), a high-speed fiber to the premises Internet provider, is continuing the expansion of its FTTP infrastructure in Cumberland and York Counties.
  Featured on the Not Just Jazz Network: Composer/arranger/musician John D. Stephens, with his new single “It’s You” and launches a new website
The Not Just Jazz Network praises the efforts of John D. Stephens whose musical offering of a swingin’ new tune “It’s You” that is highlighted on his newly launched website.
  Author Zachary Sperling’s new book “Schneider's Tale: The Awakening” follows an ordinary college senior whose life is forever changed when he gains the powers of a wolf.
Recent release “Schneider's Tale: The Awakening” from Page Publishing author Zachary Sperling is an action-packed fantasy novel that introduces Jack, an ordinary college senior whose life changes forever when gains the powers of a wolf following a skiing accident.
  Author Tayr Kilaab al Ghashiyah’s new book “Ismailis: Foundation and Mission” is a thorough dive into the basis of Ismailism and its founding principles
Recent release “Ismailis: Foundation and Mission” from Page Publishing author Tayr Kilaab al Ghashiyah examines the founding laws and mission of Ismailism, a branch of Shia Islam. Using passages of the Quran to support his claims, al Ghashiyah speaks on the important rule that those who follow Ismailism must work to achieve freedom from tyranny in the world.
  Janiele Allman’s new book “The Story of Gingerbread” is a delightful children’s book about a talented mom and what happens when a gingerbread cookie comes to life
Recent release “The Story of Gingerbread” from Page Publishing author Janiele Allman is an amusing tale about a talented single mom whose life changes forever when she discovers she has an incredible gift with gingerbread.
  Author Tracy Emerick’s new book “Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ” explores the soul and how it projects to others, highlighting two iconic figures
Recent release “Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ” from Page Publishing author Tracy Emerick is an insightful work that examines these two extremely influential individuals for what each did to provide a position that has changed and will continue to change humankind.
  5,000-Gallon Custom Rainwater System with Pond and Waterfall Solves Irrigation Problem in Drought-Stricken California
To combat challenging drought conditions in Southern California, Ed Beaulieu of Aquascape Inc. in St. Charles, IL, designed and installed a 5,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system paired with a pond and waterfall for YouTuber Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening, whose goal is to educate people how to grow their own food.
  Alphanect Announces the Launch of Alphanect Selection: A Curated Portfolio of Private Market Investments
Zug-based fintech firm Alphanect has announced the launch of Alphanect Selection, an all-new curated portfolio of private market products for wealth managers and investors.

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