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Antikythera Tablets
Martin Raynsford
Constantin Puzzles: The Waiter's Tray
Recent Toys
Square + - Amazing Packing Problems
Recent Toys
Constantin Puzzles: Elephant Parade
Recent Toys
Constantin Puzzles: Wild Horses
Recent Toys
Constantin Puzzles: Cat Basket
Recent Toys
Today's Riddle (from Riddles.com)
I have no feet, no hands, no wings, but I climb to the sky. What am I?
Answer at bottom of email
Newest Puzzle Locks
Titan's Treasure Puzzle Lock
Sashko Peshevski
Super Lock
Jean Claude Constantin
Her Key To The Treasure
Sashko Peshevski
Lock'd In - Brass (Special Edition)
Grave Raven
JP Lock Bronze
Jean Claude Constantin
Group Specials
Level 10 - a set of 10 Hanayama puzzles
A set of 10 Puzzle Master Metal Puzzles
Puzzle Master
Set of 4 Exclusive Metal Puzzles
Puzzle Master
Today's Sam loyd Puzzle
Click the image to view a printable document
We would like to thank "Sam Loyd" for allowing us to use their brain teasers.

If you want to see more Sam Loyd puzzles you can Click Here
Answer to riddle: Smoke.

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