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5 Proven Ways to Quiet Your Mind

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How to quiet your mind from racing thoughts has been a challenge for meditators for millennia. In fact, some even claim that attaining a quiet mind is such an elusive goal that for the few who do attain a quiet mind they are considered to be a Buddha.

Once you attain a permanently quiet mind it become effortless, and not only that but also being mindful and in the "now" become automatic and effortless too.

Here's a quote from Rainbow Painting by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche page 78: "When there are no thoughts whatsoever then you are a Buddha. At that point the thought-free state is effortless."

You'll no longer need to struggle to quiet your mind, nor will you need to use techniques like distracting your mind or willing your mind to be quiet.

Why Most Methods to Quiet Your Mind Fail to be Permanent

Many people meditate to reduce stress which naturally happens when the mind slows down and becomes more peaceful.

I remember when I was a beginner with meditation it would sometimes take me an hour or more just to get my mind to stop thinking so I could have some peace.

Many of the methods to quiet your mind that you find in books and on the internet involve distracting the mind with an activity like watching your breathing, reciting a mantra, or just passively watching your thoughts float by like clouds in the sky.

Those methods can work in the short term but they give temporary results, and as soon as you stop meditating your mind will start engaging again.

Do you want to know why the mind re-engages?

This article continues in my blog here: Quiet Your Mind

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