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Masters of 3D Scan - Scanlab are proud to present these new 5 Virtual Human Heads.
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April, 2021
John Yim is a chartered architect and CGI artist based in London, specializing in architectural visualization. It is common practice to Photoshop or populate scenes with stock 3D people within the “archviz realm”, but John is always looking and trying different softwares/plug-ins with different workflows to up his quality and efficiency.
He shares his workflow from posing and modeling in Character Creator, along with designing garments in Marvelous Designer, and rendering in Cinema 4D with Redshift.
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Maru Nihoniho - the founder of Metia Interactive created Guardian Maia, a fictional story centered in Maori culture. The story focuses on the main character Maia’s adventure in a beautiful landscape of the unknown. To achieve convincing combat scene results, the team adopted the Vicon optical mocap system for character animation. The project also features mythological creatures that were made with the ZBrush Character Creator pipeline, which allowed them to add more tribal elements to the project.
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Masters of 3D Scan - Scanlab are proud to present these new 5 Virtual Human Heads. They are fully rigged for live performance and animation editing. 2K and 4K texture resolutions are also provided. To celebrate this new release, we offer a special 30% OFF on the entire Scanlab Products. Don’t miss out for the best chance to get 3D scan heads, characters and outfits!
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