Free Update for New CTA Feature: Transparent MOV video export for compositing!

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June, 2021
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Due to software complexity and art skill differences, cartoon animation and video editing have long been two separate fields. From v4.5, Cartoon Animator (CTA) has successfully eased the path and brought these two worlds together. Apart from CTA's power to animate any image, it's great library of full-rigged characters and motions make animation editing a fun experience. CTA 4.5 lets users freely group animated elements into transparent footage (.MOV), allowing video makers to easily add visual effects to animated items, along with compositing 2D animation with video on all major video editors.
CTA 4.5 supports both transparent video (MOV) and image sequence (PNG) export. This is a FREE update for CTA4 Pipeline & Pro users!
See how easy we can place a real character into an imaginative 2D world. In CTA, you can export 2D environments in separate images, and output animated elements into transparent video objects (.MOV), then arrange the media in the right display order inside your video editor.
Bring 2D actors into a 3D world by easily dragging and dropping into iClone. You can intuitively immerse 2D elements into a 3D scene with free camera movements, add lights, shadows, and particles for stunning visuals in real-time.
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