Grand Launch | New Update: Smart Hair, AccuLips and Facial ARKit Mocap

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Realistic Real-time Hair, Brows, and Beard for Digital Human
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March, 2021
CC v3.4 New Update! Smart Hair is designed to provide the most realistic yet performance friendly Hair, Brows, and Beard for digital humans used in games and films. The card based hair meshes are small in size, economical in texture resolution, and efficient for real-time rendering. The highly flexible ombre color gradients and specular variation are empowered by the Smart Hair Shader. The Component Design allows you to freely assemble different hair and beard elements into unique hairstyles. The beard and brows can dynamically conform to any facial movements.
Component Design
An easy and effective way to manage hair, brows and beard assets. Select and add Elements (hair parts and accessories), by combining them into a Group (hair, beard, brow), and putting them together to form new hairstyles. Group and Style items can be replaced in one click for quick testing. For imported assets, assign them to a corresponding facial area for appropriate surface conformation.
Smart Hair Shader
Create a multitude of natural hair looks with four powerful controls - Ombre (Root & End Color), Balayage (Highlight Color), Base Layer (Vertex Color), and Reflection (Flow Map). With these potent effects you can easily create chic or stylized hair dyes, adjust to silky smooth hair reflections, simulate silver gray, or rough dry looks.
Smart Hair System
Advanced Facial Blendshapes - ExPlus
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  • Beard & Brows Builder: contains sets of frequently seen facial hair styles, effectively adding realism to digital human males.
  • Prime Hairstyles: 10 distinctive hairstyles selected as representatives of the first Smart Hair collection. All of the hairstyles are designed with the best mesh arrangement and hair texture quality.
Beard & Brows Builder
Prime Hairstyles
IC 7.9 New Update! Create true-to-life facial animations with a game-changing workflow that includes accurate voice lip-sync, puppet emotive expressions, muscle-based face key editing, and a best-of-breed iPhone facial capture. The new set of scan-based ExPlus blendshapes give you unmatched facial performance for mouth, cheek, brows, eyes, and even tongue animation.
Accurate Lipsync
Expressive Facial
Renewed iPhone Mocap
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