New Level of Advanced Facials Animations with AccuLips & ExPlus

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Create true-to-life facial animations with a game-changing workflow
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April, 2021
40% OFF on the Monthly Featured iClone Bundle - Facial Mocap Solution
Create true-to-life facial animations with a game-changing workflow that includes accurate voice lip-sync, puppet emotive expressions, muscle-based face key editing, and a best-of-breed iPhone facial capture. The new set of scan-based ExPlus blendshapes give you unmatched facial performance for mouth, cheek, brows, eyes, and even tongue animation.
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IC 7.9 Grand Update
CC 3.4 Grand Update
Discover a brand new lip-sync technology that allows characters to achieve smoother and more accurate lip-sync results. AccuLips detects and extracts text and viseme from audio, aligning them perfectly with your audio. AccuLips also creates natural speak with the co-articulation design, that can be further fine-tuned with every word’s visemes and strength level, saving a great amount of time when animating dialogue scenes.
Natural & Smooth
16 Talking Styles
Whether humanizing realistic digital doubles, or dramatizing toon/stylized characters; iClone provides time-saving tools that can help anyone direct their 3D actors' facial performances to the highest productivity.
Intuitively drive facial expressions with mouse control. Flexible Control over Eyes, Mouth, Tongue, and Mumbling!
Muscle Panel
Expression Presets
Morph Sliders
The Studio Mocap Series - Home Life pack is suitable for family life animations consisting of several types of realistic and natural movements based around the house like; chatting on the sofa, cooking, playing games, taking a shower, and human interactions between children and parents. Grab this 65 Home Life motions with the Early Bird special NOW!
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