New Update! Free 3D Scanned Actors: Fulfill any production scenarios from business simulation to game and film

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Animation Ready 3D Themed Actors & 3D Scanned People
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Aug, 2021
Fed up with dull and emotionless 3D people in your scene? Well, we have the perfect solution! ActorCore introduces new 3D characters with natural facial and body animation. All characters are controllable in iClone, Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, 3ds max, Maya, and Cinema4D. Along with 1300+ AAA production mocap motions designed with diverse industry themes, with compatible FBX file export to all major 3D platforms - ActorCore is the best library for 3D production makers seeking high quality content with easy workflow.
Believable business simulations with fully animatable 3D scanned people.
Lightweight themed actors made for all media productions.
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The Fashion Accessories Pack includes 79 types of accessories that you can freely match with your characters including bandanas, bow, chokers, earrings, and more. Each of the accessories contain 6 iMaterial Plus, for wide color selection to enrich characters. Designed in morphable formats, users can also fine-tune to generate different head shapes and hair creations. Try these accessories for more possibilities to customize characters with different looks! Limited offer - Save 20% on this Digital Human Campaign!
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To help artists and animators further develop 2D and 3D production skills, Reallusion certified trainers deliver the best training experience through online training platforms, or in association with Reallusion training centers.Search our database to find a certified trainer in your area. At the same time, we welcome experienced trainers to join us. Reallusion certified trainers will not only receive a certification and discount, but also have the opportunity to work with us in various projects.
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Contest Spotlight: Zeronimo
Contestant Zeronimo shared his WIP post in the Reallusion forum. In this post, he shows how to build a character with a "heavy male" morph and the Beard and Brows builder pack. He also shared detailed workflows with AccuLips for making realistic and natural lip movements for his entry.
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