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Email sent: Mar 24, 2014 10:58 am
American Red Cross
Dear Friend,

It was one of those things that you see on the news, and think, “that’ll never happen to me...”

I was on vacation in Hawaii 25 years ago when a 100+ mile per hour hurricane collided with the island. After a terrifying night, I woke up safe in a local school, so grateful to the Red Cross volunteer handing me a warm cup of coffee after a long night.

The Red Cross was really there for me and others in need with food, a willingness to listen and a hug. So when I retired a few years ago, I thought about how I could help the most, and the answer came easily: become a Red Cross disaster relief volunteer.

As a disaster relief volunteer I’ve assisted with nine national disasters and seen a lot of devastation. Through it all, I can attest that it’s gifts from people like you that truly can change a life when someone is facing their darkest day.

Will you make a gift of just $25 or more to the Red Cross to support the important work that happens in your community every day?

We all have a lot of options about where to give – our time, our money, and our support. I donate my time to the Red Cross because I see every day where your donations go and how they help those in need. The life of a volunteer isn’t glamorous. I sleep on cots in shelters during disasters. I eat the food I serve. I am up by 6:00AM to begin another 12-15 hour day behind the wheel of one of our Emergency Response Vehicles to deliver help and hope to communities impacted by disaster. If you’re going to give your money, know that the Red Cross will spend it wisely.

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Sherrill Fields
American Red Cross disaster relief volunteer
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