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So Long, Holiday Stress! 2 Quick Tips

Email sent: Nov 21, 2020 11:01am
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So Long, Holiday Stress! 2 Quick Tips
Did you know diet and lifestyle play an important role in both physical and mental health? As the holidays get closer, you may notice stressful feelings start to increase. Don't panic! Try these two simple tips to help support a healthy mind and body.

sunTip #1: Eat mindfully.

When you take the time to eat mindfully, your body and brain will thank you, & you'll be better prepared to handle outside stressors. Eat regularly throughout the day to support healthy blood sugar levels and to avoid feeling ravenously hungry. When you do sit down to a meal or snack, make it your primary focus and do your best to avoid distractions. Eat slowly and focus on each bite, making sure you chew your food thoroughly, about 20 to 30 times for every bite.

sunTip #2: Exercise as often as possible.

Research shows that regular exercise helps the body cope with occasional stress and tension by interacting with certain brain chemicals that affect mood & behavior. When you experience feelings of stress, you may not feel like getting on the treadmill, going for that bike ride, or taking the dog for a brisk walk, but there's a good chance you'll feel better once you do!

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