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Your Hair Routine: Our Top 8 Tips You Might be Missing

Email sent: Jul 18, 2020 9:04am

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When it comes to our hair routine, there's a bunch of information out there that can be quite overwhelming. There’s special consideration...
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Your Hair Routine: Our Top 8 Tips You Might be Missing

When it comes to our hair routine, there's a bunch of information out there that can be quite overwhelming. There’s special consideration for curly hair, for wavy hair, for thin hair, for long hair, for thick hair, for oily hair, it seems like there is a special routine for any hair type one could imagine, and that’s great!

The only problem is, with all of these specially tailored routines is: What if you're missing something? Starting a hair care routine can feel a bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit’s hole, but that’s what we’re here for! In this article, we’ll give you the top ten things that your hair care routine might be missing.

In order to figure this out, we asked our team of experts at Reviv3 Labs what best hair care practices most frequently appeared for different hair types, in order to create a list of items that every person should do regardless of the shape or color of the lovely locks you have flowing about your ears. 


1. Having a Routine

If you looked at the title of this article and asked: “What’s a hair care routine?” Then you are making the number one mistake for the health of your hair. No matter what your hair type, our experts all seem to agree that the number one thing that you might be missing is not having a routine to begin with.


2. Your Diet

I know, we just had to say it didn’t we? Those double shot caramel lattes aren’t just affecting our bellies and hips, they’re affecting our hair. Even White Claws are taking their toll on our locks, and that just isn’t cool at all. Unfortunately, the universal bummer cliché of “you are what you eat” applies to hair as well. Healthy hair, and healthy hair follicles need nutrients to maintain, and cleaning up our diet will have a big impact on the natural shine and overall health of our hair. You can achieve amazing results with a healthy diet of nutrient dense foods. That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to indulge every once and awhile, just remember: moderation is key.


3. Brushing Technique

Like cleanliness, most people know that there is a specific technique to brushing out knots in your hair. You start with the ends, work them out, then pull the oils from your scalp down your hair to the ends. Just don’t forget to wait until your hair is damp or dry before you start. Wet hair is weak hair, and you can do a lot of unseen damage if you start brushing too early after getting out of the shower. Reviv3 Mend does a great job of detangling while infusing your strands with essential nutrients for damage repair, shine and shine. 


4. Sleeping on Silk

It might seem shocking, but across the board, regardless of hair type people seem to forget that the material they sleep on at night can affect the health of their hair. That’s right, sleeping beauty, we spend about a third of our lives asleep, which means that your hair is spending a lot of time rolling around in bed with you. Hair stylists seem to concur that the material that is the least damaging on your hair is silk, so it might be time to pony up for a new pillow case!


5. Hats in the Sun

Protecting your hair and scalp from the sun would seem like a no brainer, but it really does get overlooked by many people trying to enjoy the summertime weather. Just remember that the sun is a constant source of UV rays beating down on you, and while we often see the brittle results of sun-bleached hair, we don’t often consider that this ‘bleaching’ effect is happening while we are out enjoying our day to day. In other words, you now have an excuse to pick up a new floppy hat or two, and you might as well grab a dress to go with them, right? It’s good practice to use our Thicken and Protect to shield against UV rays when outside or before applying heat tools. 


6. Move Your Buns

No, not those buns...the buns on your head! This makes sense but is definitely one of those “we didn’t think about that '' portions of our hair routine. Basically, your hair will need a chance to heal its roots after you pull it back, braid it, or throw it into a bun. So, make sure that you vary up the way you pull your hair back to divide up the pressure on certain parts of your scalp. Plus, people at the gym will actually think you're a real live human instead of a tight-wearing robot. 


7. Avoid Heat

We all know that you should avoid high heat when it comes to using blow dryers, but did you know that hot water can do some serious damage to your hair as well? It’s true. In fact, many experts say that because wet hair is so fragile, really hot showers and baths actually subject your hair to a ‘double whammy’ damage effect. So, make sure that when you are doing your cleaning or conditioning that you avoid using hot water, and as always, try to allow your hair to air dry when possible.


8. Consistency

Our last tip for what you might be lacking in your hair care routine is consistency. Just like everything when it comes to health, making a routine seamless and habitual is the best possible way to see results. Though far easier said than done, healthy habits that actually become habits are the best thing you can do for yourself, and your hair. 

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